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New Mercedes Road Cars to be Developed in Formula 1 Engine Tech Centre

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New Mercedes Road Cars to be Developed in Formula 1 Engine Tech Centre

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Mercedes-AMG F1

The engine development facility at Brixworth will host the future development and production of high-end engines by Mercedes-Benz

It has been officially confirmed by the Head of Development at Mercedes-Benz, Thomas Weber that Mercedes-Benz is planning to actively use its Formula 1 engine development facility for future road car projects in the United Kingdom.

As the exhaustive development of the racing engine has finished, the production facility at Brixworth used to produce hybrid 1.6-litre V6 Mercedes engine under Mercedes AMG for the Mercedes F1 squad, is now having more potential to take on the new tasks.

Weber also said that they are ready to take on the challenge of developing road cars – especially in co-operation with AMG – they will work on some innovative ideas. The team of engineers at Brixworth is highly qualified, he also have some ideas to work on and do advanced engineering studies, advanced development activities and they will also be involved in the production of high-end models.

For the time being it is hard to predict what kind of road car projects they could work on in Brixworth, but it surely would put the expertise of highly qualified staff in high-powered hybrid engines to maximise the efficiency and productivity. Mercedes-Benz AMG SLS Electric Drive engine development was solely done at Brixworth.

Tobias Moers, the boss at AMG said earlier this year, that the guys in Brixworth, after extensively working hard on the new F1 rules for almost a year and a half, are open now. Our relationship with them in the past was extraordinary and from now-on we will work together on the new hybrid technology.

At the Mercedes-Benz Technology Centre in Northamptonshire, about 400 professionals are employed by Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrains.

Formula Lites Open-Wheel Racing Fleet will Run on Honda Engines

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Formula Lites Open-Wheel Racing Fleet will Run on Honda Engines

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Honda Open Wheel Racing

Honda Decided to re-enter into racing and they have signed on to provide K24 engines for Formula Lites

Open wheel racing is one of the most exciting sports to watch and enjoy even it is the game of continuously passing of cars on the oval track and even a technological tour-de-France from Formula-1. Both of these scenarios are literally impossible for a common person to enter but he can watch and enjoy though. If someone is still eager to participate then there are many other open wheel contests, which are cheaper and amateur-friendly such as formula Vee.

These days SCCA pro racing called formula lites, and it aims to be a first step into the development of young drivers who are trying to become professionals in the future.

This process of development for professionals is backed by some world class auto makers and impressive backers while the remaining gap has been filled by Honda as they have signed on as new supporters to provide engines.

By now on, the entire fleet of formula lites will run on Honda engines, Japanese auto maker has introduced improved k24 engines for the race. These are 2.4-Litre 4-cylinder engines with massive output figures. However Honda did not specify the exact output power ratings of the new engine but its previous applications in several models are developing around 190hp to 200hp. If it has the same ratings then engines will be able to make the racing drivers more agile and potent.

Almost entire car fleet has now been using carbon fibre FL15 chassis made by Crawford Composites while the Pirelli is the tyre supplier for the series. All these supporters and organisers are aiming to keep the costs down but without compromising on reliability of platform. The racing season will start later in 2014 and full calendar in 2015.

Mini First a simpler and affordable car

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Mini First a simpler and affordable car

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Mini First Engine

A formula that keeps things manageable for the ones going to own a vehicle for the first time

Yes, it is right if your kid is going to have a car and you feel insecure that what might be the outcome then go for Mini First. There are some things taken from Mini One the next up in the range. But what matters are the lowered price and a sped that is not harmful.

So it will be okay to let your kid take it to town or on the highway. There are going to be simpler tools on board. The exterior has its way to impress. By simple does not mean that things are ugly all around. Of course, the Minis have a good market and the brand that owns it does not produce scrap so there is a certain standard kept.

The exterior is neat and the edges are soft as any other Mini. The size is smaller but with the perfection of this company styling inside out is given proper attention. There are no stripes here just the plain paint. The buyer or the one who you are gifting it can have a decent colour or even a funky one.

The engine power is a moderate affair and keeps the occupiers safe and in limits so that the threat of over speeding is not there. Used Mini First engines are always going to be there so that when required you can go for easy replacement.

The 1.4-litre petrol gives 75 bhp output

The car is not sluggish. The engine responses are quick and it keeps the driver engaged while driving. This small engine with such an output do looks less but sometimes less is more. The size of the car is also small so the engine size makes sense. There is a six-speed manual transmission plus one also gets stop/start technology.

This keeps the economy in check and keeps the fuel consumption low. This means the car is affordable to drive. The 0-62 mph is completed in 13.2 seconds. The downside may be that the vehicle seems slower on road but this also keeps this little one out of trouble.

The good thing is that while revving hard and changing gears often the engine does not feel strained. The mechanics are of top quality as these are in other products of BMW. Second hand Mini First engines give a good alternative to all the engine problems. And especially when there is a replacement needed.

Handling shows perfection

The vehicle may be the very base model in the rand but when you start driving it everything else does not matter much then. The steering is accurate with precise placing and the right feedback from the road. Also, there is going to be a good body control with fewer body rolls and instant obeying of the instructions.

Then there is also a good tire grip but it ends soon. The reason is the skinny flat tires that are good till a certain movement or speed. Also, the handling is smooth and due to quick responding steering, this aspect becomes even more perfect.

So overall the vehicle remains a delight to drive with of course some limitations but that is acceptable. The suspension is firm and the bumps are felt more in this model than in any of the successive models. The wind noise is well suppressed and this is evident when the car is taken to the motorway speeds.

Another positive aspect is the brakes that work quickly as applied. Mini engines for sale keeps things in control and lets you keep the car for a longer time with engine replacement available at the market. The point to consider here is that the car is not without faults but the faults are due to its placement in the ladder and not in the mechanics.

What it is like from the inside

The cabin is made to fit four people. The legroom at the front is good and at the rear, this does suffer. For a tall person, there is less space and especially it will be impossible to sit in for a longer period. But for a mid-height person or children, there is no problem.

The seats are on the firm side but there is moderate support present for the occupiers. For the driver, the driving position is good giving good outer visibility. The boot space is however better and there is some space to load a small bag. The dashboard layout is simple and circular as in other Minis.

There is not much of tech present so the infotainment screen is also missing. Another thing which is missing is the air conditioning which is not an acceptable miss, however. Especially for those who live in hotter regions need this facility to be installed necessarily.

And as the tech is limited so are the safety gadgets. But for a small car with limited speed and not much of sporty traits, even the basic capacity can do. So this is a taste of a Mini as a starter. When you are done with a training session, switch to the next Mini One that is better in every aspect.

Stunning interior, attractive exterior and powerful engine, yes it is Jaguar XF

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Stunning interior, attractive exterior and powerful engine, yes it is Jaguar XF

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Jaguar XF engine

Distinctive style and powerful engines make it an eligible purchase

Jaguar is neither an ordinary company nor does it makes cars that are just like others in the market. It has something special in its design and presence on-road that discriminates it from the lot.

The exterior is no doubt appealing with its sharp lines going through the structure. But still, it is simpler than what it can be despite this it attracts the onlooker. The upgrades have made it a better one than the old version.

With it, the interior quality has improved plus it is a much better one to drive now. What the company did is refined the previous version which is even more appealing as carrying the basic older things combined with the new one’s needs skills.

The formula is successful and despite the fact that there are better rivals out there to pick this one has never lost its sales. To keep it in the race some changes occurred in 2019 but these were minor.

Still, it concentrates on the formula of keeping the tradition alive. Jaguar XF engine for sale is powerful but economical in most of its forms. Reconditioned Jaguar XF engines give a new life to your car giving a healthy replacement. Jaguar engine suppliers know the worth of this car and deliver what is the best.

A good range of engines

There is a lot of choice in the diesel as well as the petrol model. The diesel range is prone to emission restrictions and for that, the diesel engines are kept as green as possible.

The Jaguar diesel enginesThere is a four-cylinder twin-turbocharged 2.0-litre unit to start with that has three outputs; 161 bhp, 178 bhp or 237 bhp. These have a choice of six-speed manual or eight-speed automatic transmission.

As most love the carefree drive in automatic gear change so this is preferred. Another advantage is that it gives more driving pleasure at the motorway. The timing associated with these for 0-62 mph is 8.7 sec, 8.1 sec and 6.5 sec respectively so this means the range-topper is the fastest.

You can also have a 3.0-litre V6 diesel having 296 bhp. There is an immense power delivered when overtaking on the highway.

Petrol range: Coming to petrol on offer there are two turbocharged petrol engines available. The unit is the same that is a 2.0-litre engine. There are two variations associated with it. One is 248 bhp while the other one is 296 bhp.

These engines are smooth and have very good timing attached to both. For 0-60 mph the first one covers it in 6.5 seconds while the other one covers the same distance in 5.5 seconds. So, in short, it is not short of engines giving a desirable factor to the buyer.

Unfortunately, if you face bad response or powerless performance from your diesel or petrol engine there is a cost affecting option of Jaguar XF engines replacement available. From any reliable dealer you can purchase a good reconditioned engine in reasonable rates.

Where the handling does stand

Handling a fast car needs extra skills and the driver must have them. But this has become a secondary trait now. The car these days has more in it to aid the drivers. So does the Jaguar XF have?

The suspension keeps this one tied to the road properly. This means there will be no problem while cornering often as the vehicle retains its balance. The steering is not as quick as it could be but the point is that moves have to be controlled to make it safe enough for the occupiers.

There are modes to choose from to adjust the car according to the driving style as well as road conditions.

Interior modernity and comfort

The interior has got some new tech, as well as there, are better materials inside now. The car’s height has been lowered but the access at back is improved. The inside is made of high-quality leather and you can feel it the instant you get inside.

There is an 8-inch touch screen in the centre of the dashboard with buttons at the bottom for heating control. The graphics for the screen has been improved which is a notable change as it was strongly required.

When you ignite the automobile the rotary knob for gear select comes out of the centre console as well as the outer air vents which give nice party feel. Apart from this, there is a long list of advanced tech present in the car the buyer going to love.

Vauxhall Insignia, A Nice Big Family Car

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Vauxhall Insignia, A Nice Big Family Car

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Vauxhall Insignia

Good to drive, spacy and stylish looks cover all areas

Many are now turning towards those SUVs which are offering much more and the trend of larger family cars is shrinking fast. But Vauxhall Insignia is worth considering when you do not want to buy an SUV for your family. There is a good range of trims and Vauxhall engines that come with the range; this indicates that you get the one required. You look at the exterior and it is elegant, decently formulated front and back. Inside is not less in any regards and it is a treat to look at and even in the cabin, the distribution is up to mark. There are no clusters, a nicely distributed dashboard. The touchscreen is also well situated with the convenience factor kept in mind.

There are a lot of factors which contribute to the practicality of this vehicle. Two things become important when the product is targeted towards families; practicality and cabin material standard. Other things come after these two. Vauxhall has attended to these areas effectively presenting a nice choice for the lot. Insignia Grand Sport still beats the SUVs in the handling, refinement and ride comfort and there is a no match for it till now.

Variety in engines puts forth something for every one

There are Turbo and Turbo diesel Vauxhall Insignia engines offered for the buyers and they range from smaller and cheaper to the expensive and quicker ones. For the petrol side, the starting one is a 1.5-litre which is the less expensive choice and a decent one too. It has the slightly less in power 138 bhp and a better one 163 bhp.

The top one 2.0-litre has a 278 bhp which is quick and quite plus punchy. Diesel gets a 1.6-litre having 108 bhp and 134 bhp. There is a 2.0-litre engine having a 168 bhp and in the same capacity a twin-turbo engine with 207 bhp. In the petrol form, the car is punchy with an excellent traction control which makes the drive at bends exciting and well balanced. There are also nice torques attached with the diesel and they give nice timing and economy with hushed nature when on the move. Reconditioned Vauxhall Insignia engines in UK is easily available for the owners.

The refined suspension keeps the ride composed

It is a big car of course and driving a big car not less than a challenge but when there is a right suspension associated with it plus good steering things become easy. The suspension is improved than before making the bumps underneath disappear as if not present at all. At fast speeds, a sharp bump can be felt inside but the overall ride remains composed all the time. The optional Flex Ride adaptive dampers further enhance the capability of this locomotive. There are modes to choose from. In Tour mode, the ride becomes inclined towards smooth responses levelling even the roughest surfaces. In Sports mode, you get more body control but in any mode, there is no noise intruding the nice environment inside.

Technology aspect

Vauxhall Insignia is not expensive to buy and with it there some things that are just right for the price. But there has been no compromise on the necessities needed for every day and long runs. For the technology, there is a sat navigation system option for some trims while the standard for some. DAB, Bluetooth phone connection, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are all standard. Wi-Fi is also offered as an option. All these are good when you consider the pricing. The touchscreen functions are clear, quick and easy to use with a lot of usabilities. Comparing with the high lot will be inappropriate as they come at higher prices also.

Audi TT – A Style Icon With a Great Choice of Engines

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Audi TT – A Style Icon With a Great Choice of Engines

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Audi TT

A hugely desirable and surprisingly practical small Sports car which is seriously fast

The third generation of the Audi TT coupe was launched in 2014 and this model has enjoyed a great success as well. First two models of the TT were not good sellers, but then Audi started working in its winning formula by evolving the vehicle design. They converted the TT into a smaller sports car with dashing styling and uniqueness. They blended the vehicle styling with the latest modern looks and features.

The all-new Audi TT has seen some competition in the market form the BMW 2 Series and Porsche Cayman from Germany, then Nissan 370Z and Toyota GT86 from Japan. The competitors were really strong with a massive list of choices and options in the trims at the same time. But Audi introduced its TT with ultra-high performance and trims like the RS, the TT looks are just magical and it is fast like an Audi R8 at the same time. The all-new TT receives a desirable 2.0 litre TDI diesel engine which is one of the most popular Audi TT engines in the UK. All the bits that made the Audi TT popular in the UK market are its dashing looks and styling with a luxurious built quality, everyday usability and performance. Overall the TT is designed to meet all the standards that a modern car requires.

Audi TT engines

Making the Audi TT engine family, there is a choice of four petrol engines and only one diesel unit for the diesel lovers. All Reconditioned Audi TT engines are great performers and they produce power from as low as 180bhp to the maximum of 400bhp.

Audi TT TFSI petrol engine range

Audi has introduced a massive range of petrol engines for its TT and it starts with a 1.8-litre TFSI petrol engine which is such a capable unit. This engine is capable of producing more than 180bhp and a hefty torque of 250nm at the same time.

This engine is connected to a six-speed transmission and can go from 0 to 62 miles per hour in just under seven seconds. Just like all the Audi models, this engine also has an electronically controlled top speed of 150 miles per hour. An automatic s Tronic transmission is also available but it is a bit slow overall as compared to the manual transmission. It makes 62 miles per hour in over 7 seconds and has a top speed of 149 miles per hour.

The 2.0-litre TFSI petrol engine is powered by a power boost technology and it is capable of performing 230hp with an unmatchable 370Nm of torque at the same time. It takes 6 seconds to get the benchmark speed of 62 miles per hour with the manual transmission and when it comes to the automatic transmission, it takes 5.9 seconds to do the same. This engine is also powered by a Quattro technology and its top speed is 155 miles per hour.

Audi TT S thrilling performance

Audi TT S is a 2.0-litre TFSI petrol engine and it cranks more than 300hp and 380Nm of torque at the same time. This engine takes only 4.9 seconds with a manual transmission and when it comes to the automatics Tronic transmission, it takes only 4.6 seconds. You can only get the car with all-wheel drive to help the engine transfer all its power to the all four wheels at the same time. Top speed is again electronically controlled to the maximum of 155 miles per hour.

Audi TT TDI diesel trim

The diesel engine is one of the most popular versions in the TT engine line-up. Where the diesel engine is powered by a six-speed manual transmission. At the benchmark speed, this engine takes only 7.1 seconds to reach 62 miles per hour. If you are after a reconditioned Audi TT engine in the UK, you can easily get one at most competitive prices in the UK.