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The Ford Focus is a Good Family Car

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The Ford Focus is a Good Family Car

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Ford Focus

Buy an affordable family car at a low price

The Ford Focus is a good family hatchback with a high-performance engine and a roomy cabin. This car has a good reputation for keeping developing over the years. The sharp chassis is a strong point of the car, and you also get modern safety features. Higher trim levels are expensive and not affordable for many hatchback buyers.

A good family car is a competitively priced vehicle with a low running cost. Daily urban commuting demands compact size and agility. Sharp handling is also demanded by modern-day buyers. All these qualities are present in this family hatchback by Ford. In the age of crossovers and SUVs, people still desire good hatchback models like the new Ford Focus.

This car has been on the market for several years, and Ford invested in its progress to keep it among the top family hatchbacks in an affordable range. The latest generation of the car was launched in 2018, and the latest fourth-generation model offers a good base level model. Last year’s facelift provided a new grill at the front and LED lights for the rear and front.

These changes are not conspicuous but are noticed by keen observers. With a sharp look in its fourth generation, the Ford Focus has greater appeal and its sharp handling makes it sportier while driving. Another area where the car has improved a lot is its safety specs.

Ford has added good safety features to meet high standards. Replacement Ford Focus engines for sale are in different conditions, so choose intelligently. Agility has been improved by reducing the weight of the new generation model. This car with a manual gearbox now weighs just 1325kg. You will feel the difference if you have already driven a third-generation Ford Focus. 

The 1.0-litre Eco-Boost engine is available in the guise of a 123bhp

You can choose from a range of petrol and diesel units. Ford also added mild hybrid assistance to the Focus with a 48-volt battery. It provides energy to start the engine and also for the start-stop system. A lithium battery stores energy from braking and brings it to use later.

The 1.0-litre Eco-Boost engine is available in the guise of 123bhp or 153bhp. This assistance to the engine increases fuel economy and lowers carbon emissions. Thus, the benefit is great for the new model Ford Focus buyers. Above 47 mpg, the fuel average is good.

There is the option of a 1.0-litre petrol engine without this mild hybrid assistance and also a 1.5-litre diesel engine model. Presently more and more people want green cars so people think mild hybrid petrol engine cars are better than diesel. Buyers can choose from the number of suspensions as well.

Torsion beam setup is present in low powered engine models. Ford reconditioned engines are in perfect condition. With banana shaped springs this suspension helps the car to remain aligned with the turning wheels. Short and long arm setup is present in high powered models to keep ride quality high. Refinement is great with this setup and handling also improves.

This is why high-powered engine models’ drive experience is better than low powered engine models. The estate model of Ford Focus has a different setup so you get a variety of choices. In the Estate suspension setup, dampers have been placed in a manner to improve boot area dimensions. This is the intelligent design of engineers. 

Big infotainment system screen of 13.2 inches

The fourth-generation model of the car has a longer wheelbase than previous generation models. This additional length provides you with extra room for rear row passengers. Seats are not ideally comfortable but the generous knee area at back impresses occupants.

Boot space of 375 litres is almost identical to the best in the segment. This family car has lots of good features to be ranked highly. Different controls are offered through Ford apps that add to convenience while you are not close to the car. Driver assistances are present to enhance the driving experience and offer the right kind of aid to avoid accidents.

Ford app helps to find the car, and fuel level and lock it as well. Second hand Ford Focus engines for sale are fitted in cars after thorough inspection and guarantee of performance. The driver also gets information about hazards on the road, so very useful and handy knowledge is made available.

A big infotainment system screen of 13.2 inches is a nice attraction for the occupants, and its connectivity with iPhone and Android phones through Apple Car-Play and Android Auto gives you a premium feel. The layout is simple, and most controls are placed within easy reach of the driver. We commonly see Ford Focus on roads due to their really good performance.

Not only good driving dynamics but also a good comfort level

It is one of the best-selling cars in the UK, and this is why it is a common sight on UK roads. The first generation of the car was launched in 1998, and since then its popularity has been quite consistent. Neither is it exciting nor stylish, but it is a good car for many reasons. Under control body leaning, good road grip and quick direction change with precise steering make it good to drive. Ford Focus riders have been guaranteed not only good drive dynamics but also a good comfort level. Cabin quality has been improved through styling, but still lacks. It does not look cheap, though all the plastic is not shiny, which some rivals offer. This is a car for everyone, and you will find people of all ages praising the Ford Focus. These fans of the car experience something really good about the car.

A stunning car with all reliable features, Ford Mondeo

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A stunning car with all reliable features, Ford Mondeo

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Ford Mondeo Interior

The engine is reliable and efficient, with plenty of power and torque

The Ford Mondeo saloon is a strong, elegant, and sleek car that is both comfortable and functional. It is amazing in every way. Because of the low centre of gravity, the handling is excellent, with excellent road grip. Long wheel-based body construction adds more space to the world’s most luxurious interiors while also being extremely practical.

The cabin is rather large. The engine is reliable and efficient, with plenty of power and torque. Because of its comfy luxury seats and steering wheel adjustments, it is ideal for lengthy travelling without strain. Its competitors are skilled and deserving, yet it has its image.

The Honda Accord, VW Passat, and Citroen C5 are all competitors, but Ford’s flexibility puts its head and shoulders above them all. One more thing which makes it even more loveable among all rivals is the availability of remanufactured Ford engines. Now one who looking for a replacement engine don’t need to spend hours on the internet as now you can have it from any reliable engine dealer across the country.

The wide selection of engines makes it worthwhile and full of options

Under its large front hood, there are lots of refined petrol and fuel-efficient diesel engines. There are petrol and diesel engines with outputs of 1.6 litres, 1.8 litres, 2.0 litres, 2.2 litres, 2.3 litres, and 2.5 litres. All of the engines are quite powerful.

The best of the best is a 2.2-litre diesel engine that produces 172 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque. With four cylinders and sixteen valves, it’s a powerful conventional diesel engine. The acceleration from 0 to 62 mph takes 8.4 seconds, with a peak speed of 140 mph.

It has an excellent and fair fuel economy of 45 m/g and CO2 emissions of 165 g/km. It comes equipped with a six-speed manual transmission and front-wheel drive. The Ford Mondeo Saloon has the best performance in all engines.

The Benefits of a 4-Cylinder Diesel Engine

The dual-clutch automatic gearbox included in this series’ diesel vehicles is not suited for moving forward without stop. Traditional auto gear in petrol engines is beneficial since it improves mobility rather than hindering it. The four-cylinder turbocharged Ford Mondeo 2.0-litre diesel engine is the best of the machines, 5.3 litres per 100km while maintaining maximum speed.

The car accelerates smoothly from a standstill without a grumble or extra effort, giving you the essential power and efficiency. Stop and start technology plays a significant role in reducing fuel consumption while travelling within the city. It starts when you put your foot on the acceleration pedal and stop when you put your foot on the brake pedal.

It is inefficient on short-distance routes since the exhaust filter system requires regular cleaning, which necessitates a highway drive. Another disadvantage is the rather loud noise as compared to 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol engines. Another advantage of the petrol machine is that it responds the same way when you depress the speed pedal.

The outside and interior design are both stunning, with a lot of flair and functionality

The Ford Mondeo Saloon is a large automobile with a stylish appearance. Its well-balanced and well-built exterior is not only visually pleasing but also functional. The front grille and hood are both huge in size and stunning. The sides are completely unadorned.

The front lights and fog lights are also quite attractive. The roofline is stunning. The tail has a nice end line. It’s eye-catching to have a sleek style with a basic design. This huge vehicle’s interior is finger-biting. The inside is stunning and elegant, making it a wonderful place to spend time.

The inside is fitted with a dependable security system that allows you to see which systems are active at any given time. It’s known as the spy hunter function, and it’s a popular choice among owners. There’s plenty of room along the doors to hold items like tickets to a game or luggage. There is enough light available to illuminate the interior at any moment.

To create these interior elements, high-quality materials were employed. The touch screen is controlled via buttons on the steering wheel, which is a useful feature of the new model. The centre console is likewise roomy, with air conditioning, heating, as well as SD and USB ports. With these qualities, it is significantly superior to a typical or middle-of-the-road road trip.

Ride Comfort

The Ford Mondeo isn’t known for cramming in extra optional features to make the ride more enjoyable. It is pleasant without spending any money; just avoid putting on larger tyres because the manufacturer understands more about the automobile and how it might help you.

The same is true if you prefer tiny tyres; you will experience higher cabin discomfort in this scenario as well. So stick with the regular kit and you’ll have a great time sitting inside.

The handling is excellent

The beauty is in keeping everything in its original state. Any tests carried out will obliterate the suspension and precision with which this one has been fine-tuned. There are no top-ups necessary here as well, which is a huge plus for the customer. When a mountain range approaches, the most wonderful thing that occurs is that it turns and returns to its senses. What’s wrong here is the steering, which is too light and prevents the driver from feeling the road’s grip. However, for many, this may be a benefit because driving a large automobile can be simple with steering that obeys and remains accurate at the same time.

Ford Mondeo, the lavish car makes you feel flying on roads

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Ford Mondeo, the lavish car makes you feel flying on roads

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Ford Mondeo

Ford Mondeo Titanium model is a nice combination of modern car tech and practicality

Ford Mondeo has been operating in the automotive market for nearly three decades and during this period the car has progressed a lot. A large family car is expected to be spacious enough to accommodate adults well in the rear seats and offers a generous luggage compartment as well. Used Ford Mondeo engines are present, which allows you to keep operating the Ford Mondeo for a few more years.

The fourth generation of the car was introduced in 2012 but to buyers, it was introduced in 2014 for the first time. There is an update pending so that the car maintains its relevance. This generation uses the platform C D4. Ford uses this platform to build medium and large sized cars.

The Ford Mondeo Titanium is a great combination of modern vehicle technology and practicality so you’ll find it even more attractive. Ford’s powerful engines have been placed under the hood so that the acceleration is outstanding while the improvements remain to be desired. These are known as the MK4 Ford Mondeo and these saloons have competitors such as BMW 3series and Mercedes C class.

The exterior of the vehicle is based on the latest Ford design dynamics. They are modern but simple and elegant steel wheels are very prominent. A few lines suffice to make the car contemporary.

Performance is focused, so you’ll be dazzled by the car when you drive it or ride it. The titanium and titanium X models come with a TFT screen where you can control different specifications. This eight-inch screen is reasonably sized and you also have cruise control and cruise control.

The inflatable rear seat belts work well for passengers

Among other technical features, your car has a Ford Sync 2 system. The screen is divided into four sections so you can access the features without any confusion. Entertainment, satellite navigation, smartphone, and climate control are the four sections.

Connectivity is also improved by providing Bluetooth and USB ports so that cabin passengers have a number of options for entertainment and information. Ford reconditioned engine is definitely a good choice for used car engine buyers as these cars are operated with suitable machinery.

Converting to a Wi-Fi hotspot and tethering also allows you to enjoy the internet. With so many good features that you will encounter but the performance is not up to the desired standards. Slow to respond hence it takes a lot of time to find a feature from the list.

The sound quality is great so you can enjoy your favourite tracks. The voice recognition feature works well, so it says “hungry” and the screen will show a list of restaurants in the vicinity. The inflatable rear seat belts also deserve mention for buyers.

Passengers get these seats protected with this feature. Ford has designed these harnesses to reduce the potential for injury in the event of a collision. Children and elderly second-row passengers are protected with the inclusion of inflatable seat belts. Mondeo received the best NCAP five star rating for the efficiency of the car’s safety features.

Dynamic lighting LED is also available as an option with the addition of these lights, either from a practical standpoint or improved appearance. Active Park Assist is another driver’s assistant who after finding a suitable parking spot helps to steer the vehicle around.

The continuously variable transmission is paired with the

The list of safety features doesn’t end there and you’ll get lane departure warning, pedestrian recognition, and automatic braking to further reduce the chances of collision. Remanufactured Ford Mondeo engine are available all over the country to offer buyer better used units. At launch time, you get a lot of engine options.

There were two petrol, two diesel and a hybrid model. Another 1 litre 3 cylinder unit was later introduced to complete the range with the more economical Mondeo engine. A six speed manual transmission is standard while a six-speed automatic transmission is optional on diesel and petrol unit models.

The continuously variable transmission is mated to the hybrid model. With improved aerodynamics, the efficiency of the Ford Mondeo has increased. Comparison with the previous model proves that it is 10 percent more efficient so the operating cost is reduced.

In this group, the 1.5-liter Eco-Boost engine delivers 158 hp and maximum torque of 177 lb-ft. Before reaching 5,000 rpm, torque starts to decrease. To cross the 62 mph speed limit, you need 9.2 seconds. The other TDCi 1.6L unit is a better diesel unit and the performance.

At present, only two diesel engines are produced

The Ford Mondeo’s ride quality, road grip and agility have evolved into the new model, so a strong case for buying the latest models has been made. On the winding track you feel more in control so the driving just got fun. Expensive competitors do better on various fronts, but a reasonable price is more important to many buyers. At the moment, only two diesel engines are produced by Ford, so no more new petrol units for Mondeo buyers. Fuel economy on the highway is above 56mpg so travelling has been made cheaper. Three trims are currently offered to buyers which have front and rear parking sensors and rear view camera is optional.

Mini First a simpler and affordable car

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Mini First a simpler and affordable car

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Mini First Engine

A formula that keeps things manageable for the ones going to own a vehicle for the first time

Yes, it is right if your kid is going to have a car and you feel insecure that what might be the outcome then go for Mini First. There are some things taken from Mini One the next up in the range. But what matters are the lowered price and a sped that is not harmful.

So it will be okay to let your kid take it to town or on the highway. There are going to be simpler tools on board. The exterior has its way to impress. By simple does not mean that things are ugly all around. Of course, the Minis have a good market and the brand that owns it does not produce scrap so there is a certain standard kept.

The exterior is neat and the edges are soft as any other Mini. The size is smaller but with the perfection of this company styling inside out is given proper attention. There are no stripes here just the plain paint. The buyer or the one who you are gifting it can have a decent colour or even a funky one.

The engine power is a moderate affair and keeps the occupiers safe and in limits so that the threat of over speeding is not there. Used Mini First engines are always going to be there so that when required you can go for easy replacement.

The 1.4-litre petrol gives 75 bhp output

The car is not sluggish. The engine responses are quick and it keeps the driver engaged while driving. This small engine with such an output do looks less but sometimes less is more. The size of the car is also small so the engine size makes sense. There is a six-speed manual transmission plus one also gets stop/start technology.

This keeps the economy in check and keeps the fuel consumption low. This means the car is affordable to drive. The 0-62 mph is completed in 13.2 seconds. The downside may be that the vehicle seems slower on road but this also keeps this little one out of trouble.

The good thing is that while revving hard and changing gears often the engine does not feel strained. The mechanics are of top quality as these are in other products of BMW. Second hand Mini First engines give a good alternative to all the engine problems. And especially when there is a replacement needed.

Handling shows perfection

The vehicle may be the very base model in the rand but when you start driving it everything else does not matter much then. The steering is accurate with precise placing and the right feedback from the road. Also, there is going to be a good body control with fewer body rolls and instant obeying of the instructions.

Then there is also a good tire grip but it ends soon. The reason is the skinny flat tires that are good till a certain movement or speed. Also, the handling is smooth and due to quick responding steering, this aspect becomes even more perfect.

So overall the vehicle remains a delight to drive with of course some limitations but that is acceptable. The suspension is firm and the bumps are felt more in this model than in any of the successive models. The wind noise is well suppressed and this is evident when the car is taken to the motorway speeds.

Another positive aspect is the brakes that work quickly as applied. Mini engines for sale keeps things in control and lets you keep the car for a longer time with engine replacement available at the market. The point to consider here is that the car is not without faults but the faults are due to its placement in the ladder and not in the mechanics.

What it is like from the inside

The cabin is made to fit four people. The legroom at the front is good and at the rear, this does suffer. For a tall person, there is less space and especially it will be impossible to sit in for a longer period. But for a mid-height person or children, there is no problem.

The seats are on the firm side but there is moderate support present for the occupiers. For the driver, the driving position is good giving good outer visibility. The boot space is however better and there is some space to load a small bag. The dashboard layout is simple and circular as in other Minis.

There is not much of tech present so the infotainment screen is also missing. Another thing which is missing is the air conditioning which is not an acceptable miss, however. Especially for those who live in hotter regions need this facility to be installed necessarily.

And as the tech is limited so are the safety gadgets. But for a small car with limited speed and not much of sporty traits, even the basic capacity can do. So this is a taste of a Mini as a starter. When you are done with a training session, switch to the next Mini One that is better in every aspect.

Ford Ranger an improved pick up by the time

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Ford Ranger an improved pick up by the time

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Ford Ranger Engine

May not be the best around still proves to be strong and reliable

Ford Ranger is said to be among those mini trucks that are going to serve you while working, can also be used for the family plus this can be your off road adventure companion with some alteration. So now you don’t have to look somewhere else for a vehicle.

The pickup looks good although not different from the lot but it has fine built up. As being a work vehicle this has to be reliable and there is no doubt that it is like that. The interior is based on which trim level is selected. The double cab high level trims are the ones made to accommodate a family or chill around with friends.

Other than that the car is basically made to haul the load to different surfaces. Also, the cabin setting is tuned to give the best space for loading goods. Also, the pulling power of the transport is great and a load of 3500 kg can be pulled easily.

Another good thing is that even when the purpose is to make a family comfortable there is still capacity at the back to have the luggage or other goods carried. The engine side is strong. Not getting tired easily or out of power in situations. Reconditioned Ford engines give a good alternative to the troubling engine and in no time the car is as good as new.

This sole engine fits every use

So here is a four cylinder 2.3-litre diesel engine under the hood of this pickup. The power it produces is 270 hp and 310 lb-ft torque. There is a 10 speed automatic transmission attached to the engine that works smoothly and according to the pull level needed.

The gear change is seamless with the proper level at a particular shift. The engine is able to pull a load of 7500 pounds and have the ability to be an off road companion but before that, it should be properly equipped. Rough surfaces are not a problem for the vehicle when the off road package has been installed.

But what is the most imperative is that the engine never gets tired towing load in its ability. The four wheel drive system is optional and does not remain engaged all the time. Whenever needed it comes into action. Ford Rangers engines UK are there for the owners to get the engine issue fixed and keep your work going without any obstacle.

Riding and driving the machine

Driving a work vehicle can be tiring as well as boring. But this is not the case when it comes to modern trucks. These are made to be fun and the best thing is that when you own these you don’t have to be alone. Driving the vehicle is a good experience and nothing is going to stop you from doing what you want from daily routine driving to an exciting adventurous one.

The movements are controlled but bouncy. Although the steering and tires are in your control giving the right placements but on jumps, you are going to find yourself flying a bit in the air much. Now, this depends on who is riding the car at the time. Of these are your bachelor friends then this move may be taken as exciting.

But family attitude is different and they can find it clumsy. But as far as work vehicle is concerned these jumps are going to be a threat to the goods one has loaded at the back. Especially when these are fragile or liquid in form the driver has to be extra cautious while driving.

Otherwise, the engine is strong and these are tuned to give a stress free drive and the engine is going to be relaxed. Ford Ranger engines for sale give an affordable way to get the engine back to life to keep on owning the machine.

The cabin has comfort and practicality

These two factors are no doubt related to which one you choose. The cabin is loaded with good quality materials and these have their own sense of style also. These are strong also without that extra sophisticated nature as these are unfit for such a vehicle. The seats are comfortable. For the front, there is plenty of space for nay height people.

The rear seats are going to be more ideal for moderate height people and children also. Another good aspect is that there are power windows but instead of doors, the control is on the dashboard. The functions and buttons are easy to operate. There is a dual zone climate control system present but air vents are only on the front.

There are lesser storage places in the cabin which is not a good thing. As not always you need the back open area to store things. The technology side is moderate and needs improvement. The Ford’s Sync 3 system is going to fulfil the majority of the needs of present day tech.

But the only problem is that it is slow while loading. Still, it does not create much problem while working. There are tools to assist the driver also and this helps out to keep the vehicle safe from any crash.

Ford Ranger is Vehicle with Strong Engine

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Ford Ranger is Vehicle with Strong Engine

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Ford Ranger Engines for sale

Cabin design has remained simple and basics are observed without following modern

Smooth power injection is now possible through turbo engines and you get driver assistance in all models of Ford Ranger as standard while rivals miss this trick. It is a big and powerful vehicle to carry the load and move on tough terrains without creating trouble for the unit. Ford second hand engines are also in demand for their strong performance.

These units are easily available and sellers make sure that these units perform up to mark once again. Sometimes rather new engines become available for different reasons but they are not priced cheap. Cabin design has remained simple and basics are observed without following modern-day needs.

The suspension is not to give you a car-like feel so you will miss luxury cabin settings as well as great ride quality. Braking performance is poor too where rivals do better and Range Rover needs to improve its traction. Overall leaders of this class easily beat this vehicle but Range Rover engines are hard to beat and if you prefer engine quality and performance then you can compromise on other shortcomings and go with new Ford Range Rover.

You can use it as a tough worker and enjoys reasonable ride comfort when cruising on the motorway. Engines smoothly accelerate and pull the vehicle on all types of tracks with the strong capable engine. Payload capacity is another demand of buyers of the truck so buyers get what they expect from such a vehicle.

Lightweight XL trim bets the best acceleration

You get Ford Ranger engines for sale online and it allows you to select the right option before reaching the sellers. Usually, you get them installed by the same sellers so they make sure the installed engines do their best. Different trim levels are also available in two body styles with two different bed lengths.

Lightweight XL trim bets the best acceleration in the segment. Base level Ranger gets active safety features which are not offered by rivals but only in top models. A new package of FX2 has been added to the line-up which is only available to the rear-wheel-drive configuration models.

It is good for tracks other than the road so you can go with this package if you travel on rough tracks in routine. Suspension for such terrain is present in this package so riders avoid the harsh experience. For a balance between performance and value, you surely go with the base model.

XL model gives you smooth and quick acceleration as compared to heavier vehicles of Ranger line-up. You also get a forward-collision warning system in this base level version. Automated emergency braking is another active safety feature. Such safety features in trucks by other producers only available with top models so you can see how Ford car about buyers of this vehicle.

Turbocharged 2.3 litre four-cylinder engine is placed under the bonnet which offers you 270hp to pull this adventurous vehicle. The torque of 310lb is paired with total output and generates formidable acceleration.

Next in the line-up is Ranger XLT which is even quicker so you can have it if your pocket allows you. All Ranger vehicles have ten-speed transmissions which function automatically so you enjoy driving more.

The terrain management system is offered to Ranger

Speed transmissions are sleek so they complement acceleration and you find the perfect match for the vehicle. Rear-wheel-drive models come with reasonable ground clearance while the four-wheel-drive model gets, even more, ground clearance.

The terrain management system is offered to Ranger buyers which enhance performance as it moves on different terrains. There are four drive mode which are actually to choose the most suitable for the surface truck is being moved. Ford engines supply and fitting service let you get a remanufactured unit under your vehicle bonnet.

Optional tow package ensures you to pull 7500lb which is otherwise 1860lb so you can increase the standard towing capacity to a reasonably high figure. Fuel economy figures have not been known yet but it is expected identical to previous models. Rear-wheel-drive models, however, score better than four-wheel-drive Ranger.

The uninspired and average cabin is a real drawback when it has been compared with rivals. The base model has a real drab interior but the good thing is easy to identify controls.

Satellite radio is available in next trim packages

Extended cab in the form of super cab or crew cab is available in terms of cabin space. The latter is to accommodate five grown-up people and the earlier is for four people in total. Door openings are to facilitate easy entry and exit to occupants of both rows passengers.

In base level Ranger you get a sound system of four speakers for AM and FM radio. The single USB port is there to enhance entertainment options and Wi-Fi hot spot is to connect up to ten devices. Satellite radio is available in next trim packages. Apple Car-Paly and Android Auto integration are present in these trim packages with a touch screen of eight inches.

Ten speakers definitely to enhance the sound system and navigation system are to reach the destination without any mess. Adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert are safety features which are to protect the people inside the cabin.