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Volkswagen Passat, One of the best in its class

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Volkswagen Passat, One of the best in its class

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Volkswagen Passat

At low price, number of good features have been offered to the buyers

Volkswagen Passat, if not the best then one of the top few mid sized family vehicles ready to be sold in auto markets. Its somewhat old look is usually a comment by the experts about the exterior rather a complaint. Everything is obvious about the car and you do not need to nook out details to come across any strange thing. Space is enough just like the competitors in this class do offer.

The appearance let you feel good about the built of the car. In fact the rear seat passengers have the desired legroom when it comes to comparison in terms of price. Trunk can carry good volume of family luggage or any other stuff. These features of Volkswagen Passat are the most important for the buyers of saloons. It can be observed quite easily that to save money, the interior has been built with not high quality material. Keeping in mind the low price, it seems reasonably stylish but bit hard.

Powerful Volkswagen engine is great to run

Four cylinder turbo engine maximum power 170hp and it has proved enough to carry its body on downtown congested roads as well as on motorways. Engine has been designed to meet routine speed requirements at usual tracks. Gearbox speed transmissions, sometimes do not function as smoothly as desired but most of the time it gets going smoothly. Handling is also good so the driving is a remarkable experience. In absence of diesel, the real agility of the machine is missing but on the other hand better fuel economy is a good alternative.

Cabin of the car loaded with tech features

Interior has got the latest of Volkswagen infotainment system. In all models, touch screen is standard but the dimension of display varies in available three trim levels. Comfort for the riders has been a priority in a family saloon and the engineers have focused on it while launching new model of this brand. Suspension is soft so that the people inside cabin remain undisturbed due to patches on the road and other imperfections of average size of a track. The car has managed to raise its ranking as a family car and now, it has been called revival of this very brand through new models.

Over the years, it has become a luxurious option

The car was first became part of the array produced by the company way back in 1970. In its present form, it is the most luxurious one since its inception. Over the years, it has increase both size and quality of features for the buyers. In two different body styles it meets the requirements of the people.

Four door saloon and five door estate are there. For UK market, majority of the engine options are of diesel though there is Volkswagen petrol engines are as well available in other parts of the world. It reaches from 0-62m/h in 7.2 seconds and economy can be calculated from the official figure of 166mpg. It is genuinely resemble with some premium saloons unlike rivals of the vehicle.