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Range Rover Sport Lumma 2014 By Land Rover

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Range Rover Sport Lumma 2014 By Land Rover

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range rover sport

Before any other manufacturer launches a new model for 2014’s UK and Europe SUV market, Land Rover has decided to take Lumma design upon itself  to consider what customization can be offered for the 2014 Range Rover Sport models. The fastest SUV ever built by the Land Rover is a prime target for an up gradation and redesigning due to its demand. The up gradation of Lumma consists of different steps while first is to take the Sport a little more into the kingdom of SUVs by giving them a wider body and low profile tyres with the wider wheels and of course imposing intakes.  New Range Rover Sport engine range has more sophisticated engine options from292bhp to 340bhp.

The new design innovation is creating a big gap and bridging a big difference between the Discovery models and the Sports fleet. The new Range Rover 2014 captures the DNA of its predecessor, but it has more than two third of its parts very unique. Although its exterior is very progressive and gives a fresh look and interpretation of new model design but also features a more oblique wide screen with a sloppy roof that enhances its Sporty typescript. It has more easy access for the rear passengers with its 178mm longer wheel base and also it is 55mm lower and 149mm shorter and 45kg lighter than the older models. It has a signature clamshell bonnet, floating roof, side fender vents, bolder wheel arches and a well known two bar front grille known as honey combed grille. The new model has redesigned in all its areas where the lights are also changed, front and rear lamps flow round into the shoulders of the body and gives it a glossy manifestation.  The new model of the Range Rover has dramatically improved road dynamics because it has acquired the state of the art aluminium monocoque platform technology that has reduced the weight of new model up to 39% than the previous versions. This new module has been fitted with an all new lightweight front and rear suspension system along with all time intelligent four wheel drive system that allows smooth driving on the more challenging low grip surfaces.


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