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No More Pointless Road Signs! Says DFT UK

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No More Pointless Road Signs! Says DFT UK

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Pointless Road Signs

Finally, the Department for transport has given the powers to local councils to remove the unnecessary road signs

It was a big issue for the motorists in the UK to get confused from hefty road signs. There are hundreds of unnecessary road signs on the UK roads and now finally, the department for transport has given the rights of removing the unnecessary road signs to the local councils in the UK. Now the cluttered roadsides are about to be cleaned up by the local authorities after getting the powers of removing pointless road signs on the roads.

Declutter Our Roadsides

It is an initiative to clean up the road-sides from Department for Transport. It is estimated that government will remove around 4.75-million road signs as they are marked as pointless and unnecessary.

The Criticism

One of the vehicle service companies in the UK, RAC has criticised the certain aims of the scheme such as the speed targeting, limit repeater signs, and many others will be removed as they are no more legally required. There are several signs that are subjected to dates to show the like new road layout signs.


The director of policy and research at the Institute of Advanced Motorists questioned the logic of removing the signs. They said that the signage has been in place since ages and even the repetition help the motorists to get well informed on the road.  It is also stated that government strictly enforcing the motorists on speeding that’s why there should be some information to keep the drivers informed.


Taxpayers to Save in Millions

The DfT claims that the new scheme for removing unnecessary road signs will save the taxpayers around £30 million by 2020.

Energy wastage will also be reduced because the safety signs are legally required to be illuminated. A DfT spokesperson added that it is not mandatory but an optional change.