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New Technology will Stop You from Using Cell Phone behind the Wheel

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New Technology will Stop You from Using Cell Phone behind the Wheel

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Using the cellphone behind the wheel

Brazilian scientists develop the new technology to stop phone use behind the wheel

This new technology has been developed by the Brazilian scientists and they have revealed that this new technology will be used in the cars to stop the drivers from using cell phones behind the wheels. The new technology can alert if driver is using a handheld device or mobile phone while driving.  There is a camera mounted on the dashboard to determine and scan the facial patterns by using the facial recognition software, and an alarm to alert if a handheld device is held up.

A research shows that almost 80 percent accidents occur due to inattentiveness of drivers for just less than three seconds. Most drivers involved in collisions found that they were inattentive to traffic and reading a text on their phones or dialling a number behind the wheel. At the speed of 62 miles per hour, their vehicles covered about 140 meters in that time and struck into any other vehicle ahead.  Resultantly! Serious injuries, deaths and property loss happened just in those three seconds when driver was inattentive to traffic ahead. It is anticipated that after succession of the testing phase for newly developed technology, it would help in reducing accidents and the hire companies are likely to use the technology to discourage the dangerous driving. Recently government has announced 10 years sentence for drivers who kill others while driving so it is possible that government can take notice of this issue as well.
General public can also use the technology to protect their cars when children are driving. They can check if children are using their phones behind the wheel or not. The new technology is under testing phase at Santa Catarina State University, where scientists are working on the detection and sensitivity issues at high speeds.