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Mitsubishi Pajero Engines Earn Respect in off-Roading

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Mitsubishi Pajero Engines Earn Respect in off-Roading

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Mitsubishi engines are best suitable for off-roaders, preferred by hard-core farming businesses

Mitsubishi Pajero is an exact, serrated off-roader favoured by hard-core farming businesses and their Pajero engines have earned respect for that.

Unluckily, the Land Rover Discovery has conquered it in every capacity these days. But still there are some features that make the Pajero unique.

How Mitsubishi Pajero Competes?

A combination of four-cylinder diesel engines and inflexible off-road tyres make the Pajero worthwhile.

Enhancements are insignificant in this class where every automaker producing off-roaders is offering a bunch of interior gadgets and engine technologies.

Any engine options?

Primarily, Mitsubishi presents two engines with the Pajero. For a better torque delivery in the agricultural sector, a 3.2-litre 4-cylinder turbo Mitsubishi Pajero diesel engine is offered.

However, a 3.8-litre, V6 Pajero engine has been offered for general off-roading.

Whichever way, reaching to 62 miles per hour isn’t that fast.

What it looks like?


The Pajero is cool and calm in the way like olden Subaru estates are cool.

This revised and enhanced Pajero has a lot ahead on quality, with everything apparently very well wedged together.

Plastics still appear a bit low-cost though, and there’s less of the luxury and comfort than you sense in a Discovery.

New technologies and gadgets

The Mitsubishi Pajero is modernised with enhanced Active Stability and Traction Control system or ASTC System.

ASTC system uses a network of control units and clever sensors to control the automobile and the steering.

As road and vehicle situations change, ASTC manages the power delivery on all wheels by properly controlling engine torque and braking energy working to each of the wheels.

The driving experience is further enhanced by delivering improved vehicle control, trace capability and traction in all driving surroundings.

 Good value for money

Our engine experts wouldn’t say that residuals and wastages are bad, but the Pajero is a great value for your money.