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The Mitsubishi Engine Goes Electric In Geneva

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The Mitsubishi Engine Goes Electric In Geneva

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Mitsubishi GR-HEV Concept

Mitsubishi has decided to unveil its latest battery powered concepts at the Geneva Motor Show. These two cars are very much different from each other. The smaller Mitsubishi concept is called the CA-MiEV and shows the features and design of Mitsubishi’s next generation electric car replacing the slow selling i-MiEV. Mitsubishi is claiming that it will churn out 186 miles with a single charge thanks to a number of pioneering technologies.

The new batteries will have high energy density than the previous ones. Aerodynamics of the new Mitsubishi electric car gets particular attention and to improve these, lightweight materials have been used throughout the car. The new Mitsubishi engine will also benefit from wireless charging and a brand new electric motor and inverter. The other new concept being revealed is the GR-HEV, a diesel-electric hybrid pick-up truck that gives a glance to the next generation L200. No performance figures have been released but expect it to emit just 149g/km of CO2.