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Citroen C3! A Magnificent Vehicle with Excellent Engine

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Citroen C3! A Magnificent Vehicle with Excellent Engine

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Citroen C3

Citroen C3 cruises in the city traffic with grace and honour

A tiny city car exclusively designed to rival the only top sellers in the UK market, the leader of sales in city cars segment, it is none else but Ford Fiesta. Whilst it jams an identical rounded shape of the long-admired Citroen C3, this model is a lot sophisticated in all its departments with a massive bounce ahead in refinement. Not a long ago, it’s a drastically optimistic on the motorway, however it is opportune to force when it cruise around the city, while a form of remarkably least expensive and fuel economical PSA engines that help the C3 to keep its costs low to run.

PSA Engines for Citroen C3

There are several engine options for the C3 range with the emphasis on lowest possible fuel consumption and even more focus on economic environment with lower carbon emissions. The petrol line-up starts with a tiny 1.1-Litre engine with 61bhp but it’s really slow and the cool substitute is the 1.4-litre engine with 75bhp. This manages the 0-62mph sprint in a formally claimed 14.2 seconds even as returning forty six miles per gallon. Equally favored is the 1.4-Litre VTi engine with 95bhp which feels perky and strong, in specific when tweaking in heavy traffic.

The PSA Engines Family

The highest of the C3 range, is the 1.6 VTi petrol engine with 120bhp, this engine is very similar to the 1.4 VTi engines but is not an upgraded version of the 1.4 litre petrol engines. These engines are the result of co-production between BMW and PSA. As it is a co-production of BMW, it was once used in the Peugeot 207 models and then MINI Cooper S models, but even though it has additional power over the 1.4 VTi, it would no longer be remembered as so much faster in everyday use. It can possibly sprint from a standstill to 0-62mph in 8.9 seconds even as returning average fuel economy of 48 miles per gallon.

PSA Diesel Engines for the C3

Diesel engines family starts with the 1.4-Litre HDi with 70bhp which is a little stupid however for extra power and performance there is the 1.6-Litre HDi with 90bhp and it’s capable of covering the 0-62 miles per hour benchmark in only 11 seconds and returns a high economy and big savings of more than 66mpg. This Citroen C3 diesel engine additionally used within the Airdream+, which seeing that gearbox and aerodynamic alterations, emits simply 99g/km of CO2, and falls within the category of tax free automobiles.

Moreover, no need to worry if wrong fuel is put in your Citroen C3, like diesel in petrol, it can also be drained easily.

Apart from all these engines, the leader is behind, as it arrives a bit late. The range topping diesel engine is the 1.6 HDi with 110bhp. Similar to the 90bhp variant that is notably quiet and tender, despite the fact that it should in all probability a little bit noisy at larger revs. It has the lively in-gear pace which makes overtaking effortless for this engine.