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BMW 318d is a Pandora’s Box of Amazing Features

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BMW 318d is a Pandora’s Box of Amazing Features

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BMW 318d

The car that has startled the automotive market enthusiasts

It is a well-known fact that a number of thoughts cross your mind before buying a car and a primary one is whether the car is worth its value or not. You consider and weigh a number of features before reaching a final decision.

However, if you see an economical and luxury car laden with a plethora of features like climate control, cruise control, power windows and mirrors, engine ignition and cease without insertion of the key, smooth automatic windscreen wipers and car parking control system etc., would you still hesitate to buy it?

And what if the name of its manufacturer puts the cherry on the top? Well, BMW 318d is the car that fits every definition above.

What more than Bavarian Motor Works

You would be lying if you say that you do not want a car made by BMW. Such is the reputation of the company that it literally drives people crazy. The Bavarian Motor Works has attained this appreciation thanks to its pervasive experience of car making spanned over multiple decades.

Established in 1916 in Germany, BMW attracts a lot of customers all over the world.

The Ultimate BMW 318d

This list would go long if we start counting the features provided by this car. People love talking about a lavish vehicle and owning them. BMW 318d is a complete package in all perspectives. The 318d is a rear wheel drive car whose engine is placed at the front side.

It provides amazing performance due to its twin-turbo diesel engine that guarantees boundless fuel economy as it needs just 4.5 litre in order to cover 62 miles. BMW 318d engines also cut the cost of traveling on a motorway to a minimum.

Fuel can be saved effectively using its auto start and stop functions that come into action on signals or while driving in busy traffic. Eight-speed transmissions mated with electric power steering help a lot in terms of achieving a satisfactory driving experience.

The provision of three different driving modes lets the driver and passengers enjoy their ride. The effective use of technology has transformed this car into a super vehicle.

The enchanting BMW 3 Series

BMW has launched its vehicles in different domains known as N series. BMW 3 series cars are known for low-key style, cost-effective nature, and amazing performance.

The company provided budget cars in this series which means that even if you do not enjoy a healthy financial status, you can still own it without breaking your bank.

Spacious Interior is extremely comfortable

Many performance-based tests have shown that it consumes fuel up to twenty percent less due to minimizing air friction. Aerodynamics used in the exterior is exclusively responsible for this extraordinary saving. Interior is roomier than preceding models and upholstery has rendered it even more fanciful.

The driver seat ensures improved visibility of different gauges on the dashboard as well as to keep eyes on the road. A full-color display screen is a centre of all the attention for infotainment plus communication plus navigation. Moreover, the cabin is laden with up-to-date features that enhance the comfort of the ride.

BMW 318D drive which is equipped with 2.0-Litre Diesel Engine Saloon is the best pick amongst its other types. Moreover, reconditioned BMW 318d engines are also available in the market on BMW authorized dealers and garages.

No compromise on safety

Standard safety package is installed in this vehicle which gets activated automatically when the speed gets more than 18m/h. In case of a likelihood of an accident, seatbelts of passengers get tighter automatically to ensure their safety.

Another plus point is that if a crash occurs, then driver assistance automatic brakes are applied. These are few of the basics safety features which BMW offers to the buyers.

Since the introduction of its first generation in the market, more than three million units of this series have been sold all over the world and the new model is expected to take the bar further high.