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BMW 318d Engines, Sixth Generation Of Premium 3-Series

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BMW 318d Engines, Sixth Generation Of Premium 3-Series

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BMW 318d

The BMW 3-Series has dominated the compact executive sector since it was first introduced back in 1975. Now the BMW

has entered in its sixth generation, the all new model has a lot to live up to, it has a saloon model that is the world’s best selling premium car with the new and high benchmarks in performance and sporting competence. Although the recent re-engineering on the Audi A4 and Mercedes C-Class have impacted a lot on its market grip, BMW has raised the bar even further, the pioneering history of the 3-Series serves as inspiration for the new sports saloon. It is bigger, better built, powerfully styled and represents a fresh interpretation and reliable development of BMW tradition and more refined than ever before. It comes with a wide range of reliable, powerful, efficient and punchy petrol and diesel engines.

The BMW 318D engines are still in the fleet due to their proven efficiency on the diesel. It has also come in 2013 with a more spacious 3-Series GT model that offers dynamic sporting abilities of the saloon, without compromising on the practicality and flexibility of the touring. 3-Series also revealed a new model of coupe that will be in UK showrooms by the end of 2013, it is expected that it will be badged as 4-Series with a convertible and practical four-door Gran Coupe following. The BMW 318 diesel engine is 1995cc with 4-cylinder assembly and capable of providing 141bhp at 4000 rpm with the torque of 236 lb-ft. It serves the BMW 318D with the BMW twin power turbo technology with the variable-geometry turbocharger, common rail direct fuel injection with the magnetic valve injectors with the maximum injection pressure of 1600bar of diesel. It has controlled emissions of CO2 of 117g/km that is very acceptable. The powerful BMW 318D engine can boost the car up to 132 miles per hour and little push to the throttle can give the driver a hard response with 0-62 mph just in 9.3 seconds. It has world class fuel economy of 43mpg in city areas; 49mpg on the motorways and a combined 46mpg, which is quite remarkable. The power terrain of this model is manual six speed but the eight speed automatic is optional, the power transmission is solid with the traditional rear wheel drive system of BMW.