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Will Vauxhall 3 Cylinder Engines Make ADAM Supermini a Success?

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Will Vauxhall 3 Cylinder Engines Make ADAM Supermini a Success?

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Vauxhall Adam With 3 Cylinder Engines

Vauxhall ADAM Supermini is now likely to be more appealing offer for the fashion conscious folks after getting a major engine treatment.

It is an all new 1.0 Litre three cylinder Vauxhall engine that will make the ADAM more tempting  proposition and best choice to compete in the new automotive trend of downsized engines, where BMW and many other automakers are massively downsizing their engine line-up in terms of size.

At Geneva Motor Show next month, Vauxhall ADAM will be unveiled with this 1.0 Litre three cylinder petrol engine and this 90ps engine has very controlled emissions of CO2 of just 99g/km. Vauxhall also claims that the BIK Company car tax rates for 2014/15 for a business user will be only 12 percent, and zero percent road tax to place it at more business likely position. There is another powerful version of 115ps still to be revealed for CO2 emissions but this version is predicted to be most attractive for business car drivers. This 115ps delivers more power while making very little dent on your wallet.

It is all aluminium 1.0 ECOTEC direct injection turbo petrol and a clean sheet design made for extra efficiency and light weight without sacrificing any performance.

Vauxhall/Opel’s Chief Engineer of Small Gasoline Engines, Dr Matthias Alt said that they not only set out to reduce fuel burning up and CO2 emissions, they also sought to express that three cylinders can be just as sophisticated as four or more. A multitude of sound diminution and engine refining processes are there, but they don’t involve the engine’s get up and go.

In both 90ps or 115ps power levels it offers up 166Nm of torque, which arrives at a low 1800rpm thus giving the engine lots of suppleness, while remaining economical and start/stop technology is offered as standard on both versions. New six speed manual gearboxes are mated to the engines which are also 30 percent lighter than its predecessor gearbox. It is facing a lack of smoothness due to elimination of off-beat running features that can put drivers off choosing more economical three cylinder engines.