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VW Golf is all the car you need

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VW Golf is all the car you need

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VW Golf

The Volkswagen Golf is real fun to drive and scores top grades in any test ride. It offers a beautifully cushioned driving experience and equally balanced steering and controls that give the Golf a dynamic advantage over many models of its class and for many riders even every time when they ride and have immense fun behind the wheels. VW Golf has the punchy engine range and all of those Golf engines are very efficient and smooth with impressive refinement levels. The 1.6 TDI diesel engine returns 104bhp of output. The pick of the range is 2.0 litre TDI that is capable of producing 148bhp and has a refined rear suspension. The magical six speed manual gearbox is awesome however, the seven speed automatic DSG traction system is also equally best but sadly it is optional. Another option is the steering wheel mounted paddles on the automatic versions.

The GTD models have lofty outputs with the 180bhp of power and hammered push of 290lb-ft of torque that is more than the simple GTI models and they don’t have the electronic limited-slippage differentials as of the GTI. It has a strong cornering capability with the solid sound and the most vital BlueMotion technology is remarkable and similar to drive the other diesel Golfs. It boasts 380 litres of boot capacity that is significantly bigger than the Ford Focus but less than the Honda Civic’s 477 litres and Skoda Octavia’s 590 liters. The Golf has a nice and square boot but it is flexible if you want to carry big items with you.  Rear seats are foldable and they can create 1295 litre space plus the front passenger seat can also be folded to increase more boot capacity. Golf Estate will get there in UK showrooms by the end of 2013 and presents all the room you could require.