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Volkswagen XL1 Engine Is Mpg Booster

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Volkswagen XL1 Engine Is Mpg Booster

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Volkswagen Claims That XL1 With 800CC Engine Can Return 300MPG Of Fuel Economy

Volkswagen XL1 is something that you have never experienced. With a shape like a shark it has an incredible economy and you will be pleased to know that it is in production now. In initial phase Volkswagen plans to produce only 250 units of XL1 and aim to bring the concept into reality. Highly advanced technology has been used by Volkswagen to build the two seater. It has carbon composite body structure to make the XL1 more light weight and shark profile aerodynamic characteristics. Under the bonnet, it has two cylinder Volkswagen diesel engine of 800cc is that is capable of producing 48hp to support the 27hp electric motor. The electric motor has great battery consumption where Lithium-ion battery gives 30 miles alone.

It has complex charging system however, the batteries can be charged from mains directly, on the road diesel unit helps in charging and stored energy during the braking process is also used to charge the batteries. The XL1 has three driving modes, full electric motor operation can drive the car for 30miles on fully charged batteries. Just press the button on the front console and you will run electrically until your batteries are exhausted. It has a steady performance and unimaginably quiet. Regular drive mode is also very interesting with automatic transmission when diesel and electric powered units constantly change the power modes to happily cruise the XL1 on motorways. Fuel consumption always matters and Volkswagen claim that the XL1 returns 300+ mpg but even if it is 200mpg in reality, with a 10 litres fuel tank, it can manage 313 miles. CO2 emissions are very low at 21g/km. You can always ask for diesel from a fuel station if you are away from charging facility however a domestic socket is enough for charging. 1 KW power is enough for 10km. The XL1 is a methodically fascinating car that remarkably hits the determined intentions Volkswagen aims for. The drive train is terrifically competent yet asks for only restricted concessions in driving approach to get the maximum from it. The fit and finish is evenly well deliberated from side to side.