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Volkswagen Passat Diesel Engines

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Volkswagen Passat Diesel Engines

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Volkswagen Diesel Engines

Volkswagen Passat Diesel Engines Reviewed

Volkswagen Passat is relatively high priced in its class but overall it is very practical and economical. The current model

is further spacious and roomy with stylish looks. It has its looks and price range that offers arguably strongest selling points.  In 2008, four doors Passat saloon could be obtained in any of 128 shaky variateions. For 2012, Volkswagen gives us now fifteen promising configurations, with three main trims based on engine size, the 2.5 litres TDI and the 3.6 litres. While this cleanness is delightful by many, it can still be tricky to decide the true Passat.


The initial Volkswagen Passat TDI engine can be acquired in eight tweak levels, opening with the essential, started with manual S and crowned out with the SEL quality. In between these two ends is a multiplicity of spick and span, together with the SE, as well as different transmissions and utensils preferences and options such as sunroof and satellite navigation system. Only the essential S trim is equipped with 16-inch steel wheels, while the SE and up entertain 17-inch alloy rims. The diesel engine powered TDI has four variants including SE with Sunroof; SE with Sunroof and Navigation system; and the SEL Premium. Top of the range is 3.6 Litres diesel engine that comes in three styles and variants.

If you know about Volkswagen, you might be bit surprised with the the 2.0T engine. all of the standard deduce are set up here: a 2.5 litres engine that has five inline cylinders, a 2.0-litres diesel and a 3.6 litres V6, well-known as the VR6 in V-Dub lingo. Basic model trim of Passat diesel comes with 2.5 engine unit with five cylinder engines that can produce 170 bhp of power and reasonably good torque topping at 177 lb-ft, five speed manual gearbox is installed to facilitate the speeds and shuffling between the gears, it offers the best and improved economy of 32 mpg on motorway whereas the six speed optional automatic transmission returns 31mpg.

2.0 l TDI engine is next in the range, which hands round the Volkswagen’s argument in the hybrid wars. A turbocharged 2.0 liters diesel engine is proficient for producing 140 horsepower and a whopping 236 lb-ft of torque. This unit can be mated with both 6 speed manual or automatic transmissions.

The 18.5 gallon fuel tank of Passat is praised for covering the long distances, the diesel dapper is competent of an extraordinary 795 miles range on a particular tank. This engine gives the Passat a class leading motorway mileage evaluation and tank array over its contest of the hybrids. Ultimately, the top Passat sports Volkswagen’s 3.6 liters V6 engine, absolute with the mark narrow-angle invent and direct-injection fuel technology. This engine produces 280 horsepower and the twisting power of 258 lb-ft of torque. Mated absolutely to a 6-speed automatic and manages the fuel economy of 20/28 mpg.