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Volkswagen e-UP! Review

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Volkswagen e-UP! Review

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Volkswagen e-UP! 2014 UK

VW is taking e-UP Orders Now, for Deliveries in January 2014

The e-UP! is the only electric vehicle introduced in the UK by German automaker Volkswagen. Orders are being taken for deliveries in January 2014 and it is an appealing opportunity to the hatchling Electric Vehicle sector as it is still an insipid reality. The e-UP! is an exclusive addition to the VW’s city car line up in UK. It’s simply another UP! with some high-tech tweaks and several minor changes in the exterior and interior to make its own recognition in the new age automotives. The e-UP! is equipped with an electric motor of 81bhp that can generate a torque of 240Nm, furthermore, e-UP! is capable of covering a 93 miles of disance with a single charge. It sprints from stationary to 62 miles per hour in 12.4 seconds with a top speed of 81 miles per hour. Charging time is not much impressive though, it takes nine hours to charge the battery on a domestic socket.

Volkswagen e-UP! is available in three drive selection modes ‘ECO’, ‘ECO+’ and normal. All three options are accessible on drive mode selector which can be found next to the gearlever. These modes control the both, available motor power and power supply to secondary system and assist the driver to make the most of the resources. Eco+ mode limits the power peak to 54bhp and offers required torque and good performance. On the motorway speeds, e-UP! is bit slow and does not have any extra grunt. The fuel and electric power consumption stats are much satisfactory on the e-UP! where it returns around 75 miles on a full charging cycle in mix mode use. In the normal ‘D’ mode, throttle response is very good and offers instant torque to push the package swiftly. It has an amazingly quiet drive train but one can feel a little wind blare and a slight tyre noise. e-UP! is exclusively built to be run in heavy traffic of UK. It does have a tendency to under steer very swiftly as we are used to, pulling it up again is a bit difficult. These stats make e-UP! a little dodgy for motorway cruising and VW also anticipates that most owners will not use it on the motorway. Naturally it is a city car and vibrantly expert in its job. It is available in five doors and a fine filled cabin as in a standard car. Its battery pack is fitted under the floor to claim 250 litres boot space and more leg room for rear seat passengers.