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Tyres will talk to the cars at Geneva Motor Show

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Tyres will talk to the cars at Geneva Motor Show

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Dunlop intelligent tyres

Intelligent tyres concept

Goodyear Dunlop is a famous automobile tyre manufacturing firm and they run their operations across the globe. Recently the company Goodyear Dunlop has revealed that they are working on a new conceptual tyre system that will be capable of communicating with the car’s onboard computer system. A spokesperson from Dunlop revealed that; Goodyear is geared up for Geneva Motor Show and they will introduce the new tyre that can communicate with the car.

A battery less microchip is embedded with the tyre and this sophisticated mechanism is attached inside the tyre. It will send messages to the on board computer of the car and inform it about the tyre pressure, air temperature and identification details of the tyre.

This information will help the central computer in automatically refining the vehicle’s longitudinal and lateral control algorithms for an improved driving performance. It will be helpful in reducing the brake distance when ABS kicks in, enhanced cornering response and improved stability on the road, all of this will be based on the information received from the tyre chip.

Marc Engel is working as a senior engineer at Goodyear Dunlop tyres and he said that today’s advanced vehicle control systems can benefit from the information received from tyres and Dunlop has always understood that when this information is necessary and how we can collect it? It will be a major step forward. Tyre properties play a vital role in performance of vehicle and if the vehicle knows those dynamics then its control and stability system will work properly and deliver an overall improved performance. This new and sophisticated system is still in its development phase and Dunlop has experimented with the technology on its SportMaxx RT tyres.