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Toyota will slot in Mazda’s SkyActiv engines in future

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Toyota will slot in Mazda’s SkyActiv engines in future

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Toyota is going to have a little more zoom-zoom in the future

Toyota will fit in SkyActiv engines in its several new models of subcompact cars for fuel efficiency and these engines will be acquired from Mazda. Outer design and styles will be made by Toyota but under the hood these subcompacts will carry high tech SkyActiv engines from Mazda. Engine uses ultra compression technology for escalating fuel efficiency. In this regard Keishi Egawa, CEO of Mazda’s operations in Mexico and director of its plant said, “These subcompact cars will get Toyota-designed sheet metal on the outside but Mazda’s high-compression, fuel-injected SkyActiv gasoline engine under the hood.”

Egawa said in an interview at last month’s factory opening that “They will make model-specific investment for the Toyota vehicle,” “Stamping dies, that is theirs,” he said, as well as “some of the interior design work.” But the Toyota spinoff will use “our engine.”

The report didn’t identify which SkyActiv engine would be used exactly, but one option is Mazda’s niggardly 83hp 1.3-litre SkyActiv-G engine. The Mazda Hazumi concept, which previews the next 2, was exposed in Geneva last week with Mazda’s superb 1.5-liter SkyActiv-D, a turbo diesel engine. It’s implausible that Toyota would wish for the diesel, and we distrust that we’ll see it in the Mazda 2.

Toyota will get enormous shore up to complete their subcompact burden. Mazda will get encouragement for SkyActiv engine technologies for serving a company. This engine uses direct injection system and it also has a stylish outlook. Toyota produces about 230,000 Yaris’s per annum and has choosen to place Mazda’s SkyActiv engine in the first 50,000 cars for 2014.