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Toyota Avensis a car for Everyone

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Toyota Avensis a car for Everyone

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Toyota Avensis

The new upgrade is focused on improving performance

When you talk about a saloon, it focuses on any one category. But Toyota Avensis is claimed to be made for any one who loves classy rides with a decent driving experience. This car is stylish with its bold look and enhanced lights from the front as well as the back. The reason behind the minor changes in its outlook is to increase the driving performance of the car as well as the safety and visibility on road. The vehicle is fit for urban areas as well as on motorway. It means that whether it is being driven in a heavy traffic or on the highway, you will love the way it carries itself on road and the conditions does not disturb its riding capability.

It is a moderate choice for those who love smooth and calm drive eliminating the sporty side of a saloon. Although the spark is missing, but still who needs a spark when you are driving on a road full of traffic, one thing which is important is the comfort and reliability this vehicle offers on road.

Engine Specifications:

While there are many criticisms, this car has to face regarding its engine side, it is not mandatory to follow every criticism. The engine choices for this car are three and the starting engine is a 1.6-Litre D-4D diesel engine with 110bhp taking the car from 0-62mph in 11.8 secs. After this, there is another unit which is 2.0-Litre diesel engine providing 141bhp and here the 0-62mph is in 9.5 seconds. Comparing both of them, the 2.0-Litre is more efficient and has good driving capacity. There is also a petrol engine which is of 1.8-litre giving off 145bhp and accelerating the car from 0-62mph in 9.4 secs. Although the efficiency of this engine may be better than other ones but in case of economy, the 1.8-Litre engine is not preferable. The diesel engines provide a full package and hence are more preferable.

Drive and Handling:

Toyota Avensis is not a car which is built to impress a driver who is more inclined towards a fast quick ride. It provides a smooth careful ride that is suitable for the safety of a family. Although lacking of quick engine response do becomes a negative point sometimes but comfortable and quite ride wears off the slow response. Apart from this, the ride is excellent on motorway and on rough surfaces. Only the big potholes can disturb the passengers, the soft suspension can handle such uneven roads without much effort.

Interior set up:

The interior of the car is good to look at. There is a good leg and head space and the seats are comfortable as well. The vehicle is equipped with many latest infotainment and gadgets and the visibility is also good. The driver’s seat and steering have plenty of movement and you can adjust it the way you get comfortable. The flat floor at the back without a tunnel running in the center is a welcoming feature for the rear passengers as on long distances they do not get tired due to squeezed legs of the center occupier.