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Top 5 picks of 2017! The best cars of the year

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Top 5 picks of 2017! The best cars of the year

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Top 5 Picks

Top five new cars of 2017 tested to be reliable yet all-round performers by consumer report organization

All the five models we have selected for you are not only the great new cars of 2017 but they are fantastic all-around performers too — shown to be trustworthy, secure, and pleasant to drive. According to the consumer report organization survey, there are a number of vehicles that qualify to be the best cars of 2017 but they have selected top ten for the customers and furthermore, we have trimmed down this figure to even half for the ease of our readers. All these models have scored a reliable position on the stringent road test and extensive owner surveys.

These tests were not limited to the road tests but the organization has surveyed the owners of the vehicles who are already using these models. So, this survey even makes the results stronger and reliable by eliminating the chance of error during the road tests. Owner survey is based on real time testing of these vehicles. All these five models have won the respect, and we propose them with self-assurance.

What Factors Make Them Top Models?

There isn’t one factor that we have considered to make a decision and rank the models on top. All the models were tested against multiple factors such as overall ranking, road test, reliability, owners’ reviews and overall safety features. Let’s have a look at the factors one by one.

Overall ranking: In order to decide overall ranking of the models, every model has to have an archetypal overall ranking in its class. This single number measure consolidates the findings come from not only one point, but four different factors e.g. efficiency, road test, envisioned reliability, owner’s pride, and safety features of the vehicle. A car that beats the competitors by these measures is truly individual and ranks on one specific level. This ranking actually indicates the exact status of the vehicle model on the list of cars in the market.

Road Test: The road tests conducted to decide upon the overall performance of each and every model. The road test is focused on more than 50 evaluations performed in the controlled environment and testing track, these tests ranging from instrumented monitor checks to assessments of safety and comfort while in everyday, use by vehicle testing experts.

Reliability: In order to decide upon the reliability and safety of the vehicle, we predict how good new automobiles can perform on genuine problems reported by subscribers in our 2016 auto survey on greater than half a million vehicles. Predictions for new or redesigned units depend upon the manufacturer’s testing records or previous generations.

User satisfaction: Quite simply set, an excellent car is that must makes its owner glad. We cost owner satisfaction based on the percentage of surveyed owners who say that in the event, they needed to do it more and more, they would absolutely buy the same automobile which ultimately makes them happy. The cutting-edge consumer survey accumulated data on more than 300,000 vehicles from 2014 to 2017 model years to account the user satisfaction.

Safety: All cars recommended after the consumer user experience has got to participate in collusion-avoidance tests at the racing track and furnish strong occupant security situated on crash assessments conducted by the safety testing authorities and/or coverage industry. We provide credit to units which have usual Forward-Collision Warning (FCW) techniques or automatic emergency braking (AEB) systems and anti-lock braking system.

Kia Optima Midsized Saloon

Price as tested: $25,860

Road Test score: 86

Engine dimension; 2.4-Litre

Horsepower; 185hp

Torque; 178lb-ft

CO2 Emissions; 38g/km

Fuel Economy: 28 mpg overall

It is a big dent in the sales and repute of Honda Accord and Toyota Camry by the Kia Optima which rocks the mid sized saloon section as a clever alternative to the me-too mainstream models. It checks all the right boxes for family saloon buyers, with responsive handling, a constant ride, and best powertrain, short stopping distances at swift speeds, convenient-to-use controls, and a roomy backseat. The Optima is an automobile that gives you all of these virtues in a fashionable, worth-encumbered package deal that’s packed with all the features which are available on pricier vehicles.

With striking reliability and utmost practicality, saloon buyers should take this just redesigned vehicle for a test drive. Kia’s lately redesigned Optima midsize saloon packs numerous gadgets and value. It drives suitably with company car drivers yet absorbent ride and quick to respond. The mainstream 2.4-Litre four-cylinder is best and modest, and again 28 miles per gallon overall in our testing and the top rating 2.0-Litre turbocharged gives some extra punch.

New to the line is a 1.6-Litre 4-cylinder coupled with a seven-speed gearbox. At around $26,000, the EX-trim offers comfy leather seats, automatic climate control, a roomy rear seat, and heating for the seats and steering wheel. The controls are very innate to use. The state-of-the-art version of Kia’s UVO touch-display infotainment procedure works with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. It is expected that a hybrid version will be offered soon. It’s extra focused than other attractive saloons, however, Kia sells as many Optima’s as the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord.

A remodel for 2016 brings a new air of mainstream lavishness to the Optima. It has improved journey comfort, higher handling and braking, and a classy interior with even more space. However, it is loaded with general and smartly priced gadgets. We demonstrated a midlevel EX, which has a soft 185-hp, 2.4-litre 4-cylinder, mated to a power shifting six-speed automatic gearbox.

It’s 0 to 62 miles per hour time is 8 second and already a half second quicker than the Camry. Although the Optima’s fuel economical system is 28 miles per gallon overall, a couple of opponents do get 30 miles per gallon or more.

The all-new Optima is one of the best family saloon offered in the market, the Optima strikes a pleasant balance between comfort and sharp cornering and returns an excellent driving experience. Its colossal door openings make it handy to get inside and outside, and the broad and supportive leather driver’s seat is a luxury.

Mazda MX-5 Miata Sports Car

Price as confirmed: $29,905

Road test ranking: 80

Engine size; 1.5 litre

Horsepower; 155hp

Torque; 148lb-toes

CO2 Emissions; 120g/km

Fuel economy: 34 mpg overall

The Mazda MX-5 Miata is an excellent example of owner satisfaction, driving pleasure, and reliability. It has adopted the DNA of old rear wheel drive vehicles with the core elements constantly being a pliant four-cylinder engine, rear-wheel drive, sharp at handling, and very light in overall weight. The actual magic is in how it reacts to the driver’s wish to push it hard. The engine power is to bind the outcome with a slick-shifting manual transmission with closely spaced ratios. The Mazda Miata really comes alive on windy roads, with immediate response and balance a good way to make you grin.

Apart from all these features, Mazda Miata sports car has excellent fuel economy, fun to drive and frugal on the road. Fourth generation Mazda Miata is a lightweight sports car with rear wheel drive technology. Even though one hundred fifty five hp from four cylinders in 1.5 litre Mazda MX-5 engine would not sound impressive, the Miata is a rapid sports car returning a 34 miles per gallon overall. Transferring all power to the pleasantly adjusted six-speed manual shifter which is a joy. We can opt for an automatic transmission as well. Although manual transmission works really exceptional. Fast and precise steering system offers sublime road control, although body roll is noticeable. Road noise is a bit more than usual, seats are also a bit skinny and awkward that develop stress in highway tours.

Cabin space is cozy though, and the optional dial-controlled infotainment system takes a time to grasp. Flipping the convertible top closed in the breeze or open in sunny weather. When it comes to some turbocharged four cylinder engines, power delivery in the Miata becomes even excellent, but it ramps up quickly as the revs build up. Motorway cruising is excellent whilst you work the brief, stubby shifter and easy clutching. And although an automatic is available, the only proper alternative is the manual transmission, an eager sign of the Miata’s shifter.

A bonus is that this Mazda provides a frugal fuel economy that is best in class. However, all shouldn’t be good when Miata cruises in the town. Think twice about driving this wee roadster as an everyday commuter, primarily at motorway speeds. The wind and road noise can be a bit irritating, may even attempting your patience.

Toyota Prius Compact Hybrid:

Price: $27,323

Road-test score: 75

Engine size; 1.8 litre VVTI

Horsepower; 97hp

Torque; 105lb-ft

CO2 Emissions; 76g/km

Fuel economy: 52 mpg overall

Toyota Prius pioneers the new era of mobility with the alternative fuel system and it mixes the electric power with conventional engine power to get the maximum fuel economy and power from the system. Pricing starts at just below $26,000 for the base models. Our tested Prius is offered at $27,323, it offers striking quality with a traditional midsize saloon or a small SUV. The Prius tops out at just $31,000.

Despite the fact that on paper the Prius’ powertrain legacy has been carried over, an excellent number of small alterations in key areas have had a large influence on the performance and economy of the new generation. For instance, the 1.8 litre four cylinder petrol engine has been carried over from previous generations. This engine has already been used in a number of Toyota models apart from just Prius. It is one of the best Toyota engines offered in the market. This engine and overall hybrid powertrain return an excellent fuel economy of around 60 miles per gallon. The Prius additionally delivers excellent fuel economy and satisfactory reliability, an awesome accomplishment given the inherent complexity of its hybrid powertrain.

It has accelerated more with its contemporary redesigned cabin reducing the cabin noise, bettering comfort, and making steering control more responsive. Sweetening the deal, the new Prius comes with a comprehensive suite of safety gadgets. Being new has not ever been so handy and intelligent.

For buyers, this technical achievement makes the new Prius more fuel economical than the previous generation models to acquire the identical effect. Different mileage-boosting tips include an efficient continually variable transmission and a more aerodynamic features form amplified driving experience and energetic grille shutters.

The car can run on electric power more easily and for long distances, particularly worthwhile in city cruise. This enabled the Prius to acquire more than 45 miles per gallon in the town center, which is more than the fuel economy of the previous model. Motorway cruise has increased from 55 to 59 miles per gallon in the new generation. The lighter, more compact electrical power system groups with the petrol engine to position out 121 horsepower mixed down from the old generation’s 134 hp.

Toyota explains that the change is as a result of an extra shrewdness system. In most driving conditions, the Prius has sufficient mph, with the electric drive torque giving a tender start off the line. Sprinting from 0-60 mph took a relaxed ten second time in our checks. The well-tuned CVT maintains engine revs at an economical degree until it pushed hard. Toyota Prius sets the new standards for green machines and intelligent drive systems in the transportation industry.

Chevrolet Cruze

Road-test ranking: 77

Engine size; 1.4 litre

Horsepower; 155hp

Torque; 177lb-ft

CO2 Emissions; 76g/km

Fuel Economy: 30 mpg total

This ultimately redesigned family saloon and hatchback gives a strong competition to two main competitors including the Honda Civic and the Toyota Corolla, with an overall ranking at the top of the class. Put the Malibu and Impala in a slash ray, however stabilizing the changes using protocols and plentifully available features. The influence is a hushed, delicate-driving saloon that’s sufficiently roomier than those of the same class midsized automobiles. With its all-new 153hp engine with the displacement of 1.4-Litre turbocharged from four-cylinders, mixed with the lightweight body, the Cruze feels keen and easy when cruising on the motorway, it also feels powerful while overtaking in heavy traffic.

The six-speed automatic gearbox makes an excellent driving experience with the polished and refined engine. The start/stop function, designed to save lots of fuel during the stops on road traffic signals. This system is among those several vehicles that have excellent levels of driver assistant gadgets.

During the tests, the Cruze has returned more than 30 miles per gallon on average, which trails frugal class leaders just like the Corolla, Civic, Mazda 3, and Hyundai Elantra. Especially, that’s only one mile per gallon higher than the elite class Chevrolet Malibu. Admirable comfort additionally provides to the Cruze’s maturity. Most small cars are some distance from plush, but right here the Cruze shines with a weird ability to mute and swallow bumps that still uncommon in the compact class.

The polished 153-hp turbocharged four-cylinder engine is lively but frugal. The Cruze returns an excellent 30 miles per gallon of fuel economy, however, look deeper into the stats you will find that it executed forty-seven miles per gallon while cruising on the motorway. Considering the fact that impressive figures, it is an excellent engine that can give competition to the diesel engines.


Price as estimated: $17,570

Road test score: 60

Engine: 1.5-Litre

Horsepower: 106 hp

Torque: 103lb-ft

Fuel economy: 35 mpg total

It is more Mazda than a Toyota as it is developed with the help of Mazda, launched by Scion, and now marketed as a Toyota, the Yaris iA proves that subcompact automobiles can make your driving experience even delightful. At less than $18,000, it is a nicely equipped vehicle, the Yaris iA is a best first set of wheels and a low-cost vehicle. One that saves you a lot of fuel and a snap to park.

Power comes from an apt 1.5-Litre four-cylinder Mazda engine that is soft and quiet on the go. It is not overflowing the power. Few small cars accelerate speedily, and the Yaris iA’s 0 to 62 miles per hour time is limited to 10.3 seconds, despite the fact that comparable to different subcompacts.

This excellent fuel saver is exclusively mated to a six-speed automatic downshift transmission, providing responsive and active acceleration. The Yaris iA’s best in class 35 miles per gallon fuel economy is bested in the class by two automobiles including the SMART FORTWO and the outlandish Mitsubishi Mirage. Both of them have severely cooperated automobiles. Another model from the Japanese automaker Toyota, Yaris hatchback is the playful iA saloon which has made its position in the market segment where commercial vehicles are taking a massive munch of sales. It feels refined for this entry-level model, with a tender and willing four-cylinder engine, slick six-speed automatic gearbox, and reasonably excellent driving.

Mazda’s sporty DNA shines in the market in a well-tuned manner with eager handling to deliver playfulness to this affordable segment. A full-featured infotainment system and typical low-speed automatic emergency braking adds additional enchantment, making the Yaris iA a desirable saloon for the customers.