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The Toyota Land Cruiser Is Best In Its Class For 2013

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The Toyota Land Cruiser Is Best In Its Class For 2013

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Toyota Land Cruiser

The off road luxury by the Toyota is a truly competent cruiser and a luxurious SUV. The Land Cruiser has an eight

passenger capability with the high tech features and a robust price. The 2013 model of the Land Cruiser has been highly updated with the robust technologies. It has a power unit of 5.7-litres with V8 configurations from previous model. This 5.7 litres V8 engine is capable of producing 381 horsepower and can generate the bulk amount of propelling with 401 lb-ft of torque.  This Toyota engine has proved itself a really capacitate and efficient power unit that is paired with the six-speed automatic transmission and comes as standard with all wheel drive. The fuel economy is 13mpg in the city areas and it returns 18mpg on the motorways that is very reasonable for the off-road luxury class prior to its large size and heavy weight. It has very smooth acceleration with the confidence and cruises on the motorways with swiftness and smoothness.  It has the towing power of 8200 pounds which proves that the massive SUV moves with poise that makes passing and merging easy.

The standard six speed gearbox has shown during the test drives that it has smooth gear shifting. All wheels driving system gives the confidence on the back roads and ventures and offers an extra assurance in the harsh weather. It has ultimately robust handling on the paved roads that are usually not suitable for the off-road SUVs. Toyota Land Cruiser is best in its class in the manoeuvrability in stiff spots.  The new model has a revised interior with more robust features and the critic says that it has been packed with high tech features and luxurious look with the eight passenger capacity. However, everything comes as standard without any optional features and trims on the Land Cruiser. All available features are merged into the new model with the standard trim. Notable features include an entertainment system on the rear seats and navigation system includes the Entune infotainment system that offers real time traffic and weather information and Pandora internet radio for the entertainment, centre console is refrigerated with the second row cooling system.