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The Terrific BMW 3 Series – F30

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The Terrific BMW 3 Series – F30

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BMW 3 Series F30

The new world leader of cars has arrived and be in no doubt, other cars will have a hard time to catch up with it for some time to come. The  sixth-generation BMW 3-series, despite its very obvious eco credentials and its numerous technical innovations, which range from a dizzying new eight-speed, paddle-shift gearbox to an intriguing new ‘Eco Pro’ driver control system, it’s still just a good-looking saloon that drives rather beautifully at heart.

The 3 Series slick and elegant new style that looks both familiar yet but beneath its new suit the F30 3-series is dazzlingly different from and, says BMW, infinitely superior to the car it replaces in every single area you can imagine. Later next year will come a Hybrid Active 3 model touting 335bhp/46mpg. The new BMW 3 series comes in a petrol and diesel engine. The petrol engines are 2.0 four cylinder turbo and 3.0 straight six turbo. The diesel engine is a 2.0 four-cylinder turbo. The new range will come in many variants from the entry-level 316d at £24,880 to the 335i Luxury at £37,025.