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The New Ford Focus RS Engine Is On Its Way In 2015

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The New Ford Focus RS Engine Is On Its Way In 2015

2015 Ford Focus RS

The latest reports hint that a new Ford Focus RS will be launched in 2015. The Ford Focus RS engine will have a turbocharged 4-cylinder, 2.3-liter engine producing 335bhp. It will also include Ford EcoBoost engine with a turbocharger and direct injection. This will help send the whole horsepower load to the front wheels.

This Ford Focus engine will probably also be used its way under the hood of the new Mustang. Most likely, there will be some output differences between the Focus RS and Mustang. The latter will also receive a more powerful V8 engine for both regions. With this much power on tap, all-road 4×4 is going to be added to keep the power in check.