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The Mitsubishi Shogun is a Big, Capable, Old-Fashioned SUV

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The Mitsubishi Shogun is a Big, Capable, Old-Fashioned SUV

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Mitsubishi Shogun

You can choose from two wheelbases and five seats or a seven-seat cabin

The Mitsubishi Shogun is a very good off-road 4×4 SUV, but the presence of modern options may seem dated to buyers. It has been in the market since SUVs were considered only good for work. It is a big and well-built vehicle. Comfort was not a priority, so the focus remained on the ability to pull on difficult terrain.

Over time, Mitsubishi has improved cabin technology and feel. The SUV was first introduced in 1982 with a refined character. During the past decades, Mitsubishi has made the Shogun advanced, but its basics remain unchanged, so you find a four-wheel drive configuration just a push away, a centre differential, and a towing capacity of 3.0 tonnes in every model.

You can choose from two wheelbases and five seats or a seven-seat cabin. Only a 3.2-litre diesel engine paired with an auto gearbox has been offered. This power unit is capable and frugal. The exterior of the vehicle is simple, but the boxy body design and big wheels make it impressive.

Big headlamps at the front and a spare wheel at the rear. The Mitsubishi 3.2 litre is a four-cylinder unit, though usually six pots are found in this size unit. Refinement suffers due to the lower number of pots. The Audi Q7 and Volkswagen Touareg, with six-cylinder units, prove more refined. Vibrations enter the cabin and can be felt while accelerating engine noise becomes coarse.

Owners choose from replacement Mitsubishi Shogun engines for sale when their vehicle’s engine repair becomes impossible. Auto-speed transmissions work smoothly and shift upward timely without making the engine rattle. Mitsubishi has done a good job of making this four-pot unit fit for this big seven-seat SUV. It is good on urban roads but a bit slow to catch up with highway speed.

Cabin occupants feel bouncing on bumps due to suspension softness

It is not a quick accelerator, but there is enough power available to pull a fully occupied large SUV. This over two-ton vehicle can tow a 3.5-ton weight in a long wheelbase model. Handling and speed progress suffer due to the heavy body of the vehicle. Drive dynamics are reasonable, if not excellent, and traction gives you confidence while cornering.

The suspension is soft and keeps riders comfortable. Cabin occupants feel bouncing on bumps due to suspension softness. Shift to four-wheel drive mode to deal with the off-road challenges. The driver can get more traction by applying a centre differential lock. A low-range gearbox option is also present for the driver to have the required response from the throttle.

In off-road ability, it matches the best in class, like the Range Rover. The short-wheelbase model has five seats, whereas the long-wheelbase model of the Shogun offers seven seats. A bigger shogun is a better option for families and people who need more space. Several storage places are present inside the cabin as Mitsubishi has built this SUV with the intent to offer the maximum utility of available space.

The armrest for front seat occupants also has a storage area. The Mitsubishi reconditioned engines are in perfect condition. This place has a lid to protect your stuff. Second-row passengers also have good headroom and knee room. Three adults can find space for easy posture to ride for hours. Third-row seats can be folded flat to the floor to enhance the luggage area. This exercise is not easy, but most SUVs in the segment offer similar folding possibilities.

Space is generous in this big SUV

Space for third-row passengers is not bad either, so two adults will find good headroom. With all three rows in use, you still have a decent boot area to put your weekly grocery bags. The space is generous in this big SUV from Mitsubishi. By folding down the rearmost seats, you will have ample space, even more than the Audi Q7 offers.

Both two hind rows can be folded to make very generous space available to carry loads. The interior design is old-fashioned, but the use of soft plastic ensures a good feel for occupants of the SUV. At the same time, you also find cheap materials and low-quality knobs, so it is a bit of a mix of different materials.

The entry-level SG2 model comes with leather-covered seats. Electrically adjustable seats can be adjusted in different ways to get the right kind of body posture. Second-hand Mitsubishi Shogun engines for sale should be of good quality to place under the hood of your vehicle. A driver needs to enjoy the right driving position.

expensive big vehicles like Mitsubishi Shogun must offer this facility to persons of all sizes. In this case, model seats are not very comfortable and supportive, so after a while, you may feel uneasy.

In the sophisticated SG3, you get a seven-inch touchscreen

No doubt it is a big vehicle, but the elevated seat position lets you see the edge of the bonnet. Windows on both sides are also big enough to offer good visibility. It makes parking easy for the driver. Rear parking sensors and reversing cameras are also present to assist the driver while parking the Shogun.

The infotainment system is also present in the entry-level model with an AM/FM radio, Bluetooth, and a CD player. In the sophisticated SG3, you get a seven-inch touchscreen to see features and bring them into use. DB radio and satellite navigation are also present in this higher model. Subwoofers with 12 hi-fi sound speakers are also part of this infotainment system. This small screen for such a big vehicle seems inappropriate, and the quality of the screen is also not very good. This seven-seat SUV from Mitsubishi still offers the basics rather than competing with modern-day SUVs.