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The best executive cars to Buy in the UK in 2017 (Part 2 of 2)

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The best executive cars to Buy in the UK in 2017 (Part 2 of 2)

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Executive Cars

Part 2 of the Top 10 Executive Cars

10.Mercedes C-Class

Engines ranging from: [Petrol – 2.0 litre L4 – 3.0 litre V6], [Diesel – 1.6 Litre L4 – 2.2 litre L4 ENGINES]

Power range: [Petrol – 156hp – 329hp], [Diesel – 116hp – 204hp]

Torque ranging from: [Petrol – 184lb-ft – 354lb-ft], [Diesel – 209lb-ft – 369lb-ft]

CO2 Emissions: [Petrol – 126g/km – 181g/km], [Diesel – 109g/km – 117g/km]

Fuel economy (MPG): [28.1 mpg – 51.2mpg], [Diesel – 48.1mpg – 63.4mpg]

Today’s Mercedes C-Class is no more a conventional car but it is a vehicle that ticks all the boxes and giver the entire packing you need if you’re looking for a stylish compact executive car. Taking its visible and technological cues from the flagship S-class, the state-of-the-art C-class appears is just an awesome executive car from inside and equally great from the outside. It has one of the most quality cabins in the business and is a relaxed and upmarket saloon in the UK market. There are multiple options to select your transmission and powertrain for your C-Class. There are a number of petrol engines and equally long list of Mercedes C-Class diesel engines however, for the plug-in hybrid lovers, Mercedes-Benz offers plug in hybrid and all electric options as well. And that’s authentic partially. Up front, there’s tons of room in the relaxed and comfortable seats, with a lot of head and legroom. The driving position is even clear and balanced, too, and visibility is excellent.

9.Audi A6

Engines ranging from: [Petrol – 1.8 litre L4 – 2.0 litre L4 – 3.0 litre V6], [Diesel – 10 TRIMS OF 2.0 litre L4 – 3.0 litre V6 ENGINES]

Power range: [Petrol – 190hp – 333hp], [Diesel – 150hp – 272hp]

Torque ranging from: [Petrol – 236lb-ft – 332lb-ft], [Diesel – 258lb-ft – 428lb-ft]

CO2 Emissions: [Petrol – 126g/km – 172g/km], [Diesel – 113g/km – 133g/km]

Fuel economy (MPG): [31.1 mpg – 47.2mpg], [Diesel – 29.1mpg – 58.4mpg]

The one of the most award winner model on the German car maker Audi’s line-up of executive saloons and it is still a wide choice in the executive car sector. Revitalized with the launch of the low-CO2 ultra-model, the simple but exclusively high class Audi A6 now has the emissions to win over tax-conscious company car drivers. The modern day facelift comes with refreshed exterior styling and an up-to-date infotainment system. At the top of the range, the ultimate-performance saloons will give an utmost enjoyment to the lovers of performance cars through its speedy S6 and mind-bogglingly rapid RS6 Avant estate. The A6 feels agile on the road and it is because of its extensive use of aluminium in its constitution. The steering wheel and its control are not able to match that of the BMW 5 series but it surely stays a special and excellent car to power.

The driving experience is for the company car drivers’ side is just awesome, though, curiously excellent on S line units which done the task firmer, reduced sporting suspension and higher wheels.

The engine line-up involves all kind of engines from 2.0 and 3.0 TDI and a long range of power outputs from all types of diesel and petrol engines. If we will pick the model, there is the A6 extremely, fitted with the 187bhp 2.0-litre TDI engine, will do the job well. Returning an outstanding sixty seven miles per gallon and emitting simply 109g/km.

8.Lexus IS

Engines ranging from: [Petrol – 2.0 litre L4 – 3.5 litre V6], [Diesel – NO DIESEL ENGINES]

Power range: [Petrol – 241hp – 306hp]

Torque ranging from: [Petrol – 258lb-ft – 295lb-ft]

CO2 Emissions: [Petrol – 176g/km – 265g/km]

Fuel economy (MPG): [19.1 mpg – 31.2mpg]

It has been around the same time when Lexus was in the leading dominance and there wasn’t any executive car in the market that can beat the Lexus vehicles, but then the time comes when the Lexus stated falling on the list because of the competitors become more powerful. Now Lexus is standing in the eighth position in the list with its IS model.

The Lexus IS is a stylish replacement to the established crowd of German executive cars just like the Audi A4, Mercedes C-Class and BMW 3 series. It does things slightly otherwise to the competitors – certainly in Lexus’ refusal to suit a diesel engine. As an alternative, there’s a choice of petrol or petrol-electric hybrid units, all fitted with CVT automatic transmissions.

If you are after something just a little different from your executive car, the IS would be gone. It can be not essentially the most fun to push hard on the road though, due to these exclusively powerful engine picks – despite the fact that the suspension and the control systems are good-judged and well balanced and confidence-inspiring in the bends and the curves on the road.

The Lexus IS offers an exclusively well interior which is being solidly constructed and full of the package. Seats are very comfortable, and it is decently roomy – even though the saloon body shape limits are practicality ideal. The infotainment system is complex to use, on the other hand.

7.Jaguar XF

Engines ranging from: [Petrol –  2.0 litre L4 – 3.0 litre V6], [Diesel – 6 TRIMS OF 2.0 litre L4 ENGINES, 3.0 litre V6]

Power range: [Petrol – 200hp – 380hp], [Diesel – 163hp – 300hp]

Torque ranging from: [Petrol – 236lb-ft – 332lb-ft], [Diesel – 280lb-ft – 516lb-ft]

CO2 Emissions: [Petrol – 154g/km – 198g/km], [Diesel – 104g/km – 144g/km]

Fuel economy (MPG): [37.1 mpg – 41.2mpg], [Diesel – 48.1mpg – 65.4mpg]

The Jaguar XF is a quality executive car, and a precious rival to the BMW 5 series and Audi A6 in the UK however, the Jaguar XF is a handsome, good-to-power executive saloon that offers anything specific to the German cars and exclusively dominates the sector with those special offerings. The cabin design is intelligent yet smart but the touchscreen and system offered for the navigation purposes are a little bit dated.

The Jaguar XF is poised and agile when on a twisty and windy road in the countryside, and the steering is speedy and well weighted at the same time. There’s adequately sufficient grip it offers, however, the XF does undergo from body roll on its tender suspension, even though it has good fun on the wheel. The eight speed transmission is standard and is exclusively responsive and soft.

Unluckily the low-speed journey is fidgety and uncomfortable, even as wind and road noise are well remoted. The BMW 5 series or Mercedes E-class is quieter on the motorway, but the XF nonetheless cruises easily.

6.Volvo S90

Engines ranging from: [Petrol – 2.0 litre L4], [Diesel – 2 TRIMS OF 2.0 litre L4 ENGINES], [HYBRID POWERTRAIN – 2.0 Litre L4]

Power range: [Petrol –320hp], [Diesel – 190hp – 235hp], [HYBRID – 408HP]

Torque ranging from: [Petrol –295lb-ft], [Diesel – 354lb-ft – 295lb-ft], [HYBRID ENGINE – 295lb-ft]

CO2 Emissions: [Petrol –169g/km], [Diesel – 103g/km – 139g/km], [HYBRID – 44g/km]

Fuel economy (MPG): [32.2mpg], [Diesel – 46.1mpg – 57.4mpg], [HYBRID – 123mpg]

The Volvo S90 is a valuable rival to the Audi A6, BMW 5 series, and Mercedes-Benz E-class. This giant Volvo has long remained one of the top executive saloon alternatives, but in recent years, Volvo’s big sized cars have not been lived as much as their previous status. Luckily, Volvo is again on the list of some of the best executive saloons in the market and this rise has been started from the S90, and it is a remarkable car which is a comprehensive auxiliary model to enormous executive saloons.

The S90 is an eye-catching car, with styling lifted from the XC90 SUV that has newly styled headlights, and an upright grille. The cabin of the S90 has been generally giving an impression of being the same as of the XC90 SUV, which is first-class – it’s clearly smart, great first-class, and a notable site where to sit. The comfy seats aid to increase the comfort, too.

The S90 is being offered with a pair of diesel powered engines badged D4 and D5. The types of diesel are the fame choice with powerful and really effective turbocharging technology. The long country wide trip is a real comfort in an ever-sportier sector, and the roomy inside must accommodate a family readily.

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