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Subaru WRX Is No More, Bye Bye WRX

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Subaru WRX Is No More, Bye Bye WRX

Subaru Wrx

The Subaru WRX is all about stealthy speed. One thing the Subaru WRX engine has in abundance is performance. The Subaru WRX engine for sale is the 2.5 litre flat four giving out 265bhp. The Subaru WRX engine has plenty of all-weather, all-surface traction, and where it can still embarrass even one of the more accomplished of the new generation of big-bhp front-drivers. It has a consistently good drive with acceptable levels of refinement.

The fuel economy is poor as the WRX will do no better than 27mpg overall and 20mpg maximum in town; the STi is off the scale and even the GX and TS struggle to do 30mpg. So there you go. If you appreciate good value, and you want some stealthy speed, buy the £20K WRX. There have been two face-lifts since this model arrived in 2001. The first in 2003 made the Impreza better looking; the second in 2006 left it plain but added character. There are lots of Japanese-market imports with up rated power and extra kit, but stick with standard cars built for the UK as they are easier to run. Sadly Subarus UK operations will not be getting any new WRX’s as it has announced to ditch the brand and will not be importing any more WRX’s. The Subaru WRX will be sadly missed.