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Stolen Audi A6 Recovered Thanks To Phone App

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Stolen Audi A6 Recovered Thanks To Phone App

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Audi A6

An Audi A6 that was stolen from its owner’s house has been recovered and the thief put to the  justice all thanks to an iPhone app. The thief, Stephen Lashley, broke into a ccouple’s house in Ormskirk, Lancashire through a bathroom window. He fled with the family car and some other stuff. That ‘other stuff’ also included an iPhone with ‘Find My iPhone’ app installed. As the thief was fleeing the scene the victims realized what was happening and called the police – who had the victims initiate the tracking procedure of the iPhone and get the exact location of Lashley. A police helicopter was sent immediately that led to his arrest. He received three years and ten months of jail time for burglary and another crime in January where he stole more than a thousand Pounds worth of jewellery.