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Star cars of the 2014 Beijing Motor Show

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Star cars of the 2014 Beijing Motor Show


At Beijing Auto Show 2014 automakers from all around the globe presented their new models and some of the concepts they are working on. Many of these went really well and turned the heads of the crowds but few of them did not get the likes of the crowd. Here are few of the star cars:


1- Mercedes Concept Coupe SUV


2- Stretched Range Rover


3- Bugatti Veyron Black Bess edition


4- BMW Future Vision Luxury concept


5- Lexus NX 4×4


6- Audi Q4 concept


7- Bentley Hybrid concept


8- Honda Concept B compact coupe


9- Peugeot EXALT concept


10- Suzuki Grand Vitara


11- Volkswagen Midsize Coupe Concept


12- Lamborghini Aventador Nazionale