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Road Legal F1 Car Built By Essex Man

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Road Legal F1 Car Built By Essex Man

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A man from Essex has built his own F1 identical car that is legal for UK roads. Hang on! apart from the Red Bull insignia; it has very few similarities with real F1 car. If we compare F1 with Russ Bost’s road legal F1, we can understand what he has actually created. It is a modified old Toyota MR2 and has proper tax disks and registration number that is a vital thing absent from Webber and Vettel’s F1 cars. Most interesting thing is that Mr. Bost has been transforming vehicles as a small business. Mr. Russ is a trained engineer and has a long working history with Ford. He started his own garage with an idea of starting his own Kit-Car company. Furore Formula One is Russ’s own business that has very close relation to F1 and Russ can build a customised car for you as well.

Real RB9 F1 insinuated by Red Bull is actually powered by Renault’s RS27 V8 engine that develops about 750hp. However Russ’s Red Bull F1 has different engine which is also a powerful unit by Kawasaki ZZR1400 that is capable of producing 190hp of power. This F1 from Essex has the ability to reach from 0 to 62 miles per hour in just 3.5 seconds and has a top speed of 130mph but you need to be very brave to drive this F1 from a garage of Essex. As Webber and Vettel can’t carry passengers but these creations have no issues at all in this field also. You just need to remove air box and hey presto! it converts it into a two seater. It is a complete and authentic safety car at rear end. It has enough space behind the driver seat to carry a passenger and equally good place to carry luggage of two as well. Russ never asserts to ride the car on regular basis but has to be a lee mans with a passenger.