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Renault Twizy Is Turning Heads

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Renault Twizy Is Turning Heads

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Renault Twizy

Welcome to the brave new zero-emissions world and the Renault Twizy; the first-ever fully electric urban compact two seater, is the third of the French carmakers Renault’s electric vehicle range. It has four wheels, an engine and a steering wheel.  The Renault Twizy is designed for a driver and passenger to sit in tandem and the stylish machine can also be charged using a standard three-pin plug.  It takes about three hours to fully recharge

The 17bhp electric engine has a top speed of 50mph and a range of 30-65 miles, depending on how you drive. Twizy is half way between a car and a motorcycle, a quadracycle in design, with four small wheels.  Around 250 have been sold in the UK so far. A less powerful model for 16 year olds will be sold in Britain next year.  You can drive the new Renault Twizy Urban for £6,690.