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Renault Twizy Is A Micro Electric Car

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Renault Twizy Is A Micro Electric Car

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Renault Twizy

There is no better option and way to enjoy the freedom of zero emission without buying an electric vehicle which doesn’t require a bulky parking space. All this made possible by new Renault Twizy, a two-seater car with sufficient room for passenger at back. This innovative car is sharing very hot design scheme and an Electric Quadricycle engine that once charged can run for 60 miles with zero emissions. This new engine for Renault Twizy can generates 17hp and the top speed limited to 50mph. The Renault Twizy engine for sale consists of an electric motor, a 6.1KWh lithium-ion battery pack that can be recharged from anywhere even from household socket within a time of 3.5 hours. In cold weathers the range of 40 miles is eminent as the low temperature reduces the battery efficiency but still it performs fabulously in town.

The buyers have variety of packages through which they can lease the batteries from Renault, but three year dealing will cover the distance of 6,000 miles annually which will help to set you back an extra £49 for a month. Basically the engine for Renault Twizy is very striking to drive regardless of what revs it is on. The engine is mated with 1-speed reduction gearbox that make the drive engaging and delivers the pace 0-28mph in just 6.1sec. Despite all, the selection of micro electric car will be incredible because it is friendly urban environs especially at congested and polluted place.