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Nissan Unveils Its Self Driving Car

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Nissan Unveils Its Self Driving Car

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Nissan NSC

Nissan has unveiled its autonomous car NSC 2015 at Japan’s Ceatec 2012 show in Tokyo. The vehicle comes with the features that can be controlled by a mobile over a 4g network. Self driving doesn’t mean that the car will not need a driver and it will drive itself but it will be able to park itself and operate automaticaly in the areas dedicated to these type of vehicles. The leap from the current automatic parking features is that the driver does not have to be in the car for it to be self parked. Driver can get off at a convenient location (e.g.near the lift in a parking) and the car will move on to find an empty space and park itself. It then locks itself down and awaits for the next signal which can be sent via a remote or by a 4g mobile network. To achieve this, it has been fitted with cameras, sensors and computers to navigate and robotics to turn the steering wheel, transmission and applying brakes.

We don’t know which Nissan engine will be offered but we do know is it will be an electric car. We can guess by the name that it might be released in 2015.