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The new Renault Trafic panel van acquires a new gaze and refined engine range

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The new Renault Trafic panel van acquires a new gaze and refined engine range

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Renault Trafic 2014

Next generation of the Renault Trafic with new engine line-up is due in this summer

Renault people said that the new Trafic will Sport massive changes in the interior, exterior and most importantly in the power compartment. It is declared that the new generation of the Trafic will come with refined Renault engine line-up to improve performance. Renault is very hopeful regarding its performance and they believe that new Trafic will keep the pace with its rivals such as VW Transporter, Ford Transit and Mercedes-Benz.


The well-known profile of the present Renault Trafic has been abandoned and the new model now attributes a gallantry front, wider headlights and an extra inclined windscreen. Renault has not mistreated the fact that durability is of the Trafic is the actual strength of Renault and major factor in its sales, either.
Redesigning and styling cues are not the only changes but the power compartment has massive and brawny transformation.


New generation of the Trafic comes with refined engine line-up where two down sized turbocharged Renault diesel engines are ready to lead from under the bonnet. Renault has declared that new engines are extra efficient and fuel economical that will brings a punchy driving experience in future. One engine is a prevailing twin-turbo configuration but both will offer greater lower-end torque for more receptive acceleration, even for loaded cargo compartment.

The Renault also features an unbelievably munificent list of newly emerged options for a customised Trafic to suit most customer wants.

There is a great list of option in total and most importantly two different heights and lengths. New Renault Trafic has to face a very muscular competition in the market where new Vauxhall Vivaro will be the main contender, however it is the sister van of Trafic and shares a platform with but definitely has a different identity. Other competitors include the Volkswagen Transporter, Mercedes Vito and Ford Transit Custom.

Let’s wait and see, to what extent Renault Trafic kept its words and keep the pace up with its competitors in this summer