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New Gearbox For Range Rover Evoque

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New Gearbox For Range Rover Evoque

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Gear Box For Range Rover Evoque Engine

The Range Rover Evoque will be equipped with a nine speed automatic gearbox. No car in the world has been equipped with a nine speed automatic gearbox yet. The prototype model will make its debut at the Geneva Motor Show 2013. This new gearbox for Range Rover Evoque has been manufactured by ZF in partnership with Range Rover. According to the company, the increase of gears from 6 to 9 will help improving the fuel economy, both in theory and in the reality. The 9 speed gearbox will also increase the acceleration of the Evoque.

The 9 nine gears might be too many for some but according to ZF the gear shifts will be are ‘below the threshold of perception’ and the new gearbox will be able to skip gears while shifting according to the driver’s mood. Though the new gearbox for Evoque is 9 speed but it is 7.5kg lighter than the old six speed version.

The global brand director for Range Rover has his hopes very high and said, ‘We are extremely excited about the 9HP which has been tailored exactly to dovetail with the unique attributes of our vehicles, It will add another layer of performance, refinement and efficiency, further enhancing Range Rover’s world class abilities.”