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New Ford Mondeo Delayed Till 2014

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New Ford Mondeo Delayed Till 2014

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Ford Mondeo

The new model of the Ford Mondeo has been delayed until the end of 2014, and the current model with some tweaks will be sold until then. It was due to be launched in the European market this year but factory disputes have caused the launch to be rescheduled. According to the Ford’s Vice President of product development, discussions are taking place however a date towards the late 2014 is highly likely.

Meanwhile, the current Ford Mondeo will be sold with some environment friendly improvements in order to keep it competitive with newer models of rivals. The new model of the Mondeo has already been introduced in many markets around the world under the name of Fusion. Many other models will also be joining the European range like Edge SUV next year and a right hand drive model of the Mustang in 2015.