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New Collision Avoidance System Being Tested

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New Collision Avoidance System Being Tested

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The crash avoidance technology is gaining importance by the passage of time due to increased traffic on the European roads and higher accidental rates. Euro NCAP is the European car safety body that tests every car model for different parameters and situations during the crash. The Euro NCAP has recently released information that they are engaged in testing and rating of a range of cars that are fitted with all new crash avoidance technology. NCAP has confirmed that they have an utmost effort to arbitrate the effectiveness of the new system. An announcement from the IIHS regarding their research on their own version of the scheme coincides the news in Europe to test the effectiveness of the system. Now Euro NCAP and IIHS are working together on the issues and trying to establish the formula for standardisation of the system. This system actually aims to help the drivers to overcome the crash issues and avoid both front and rear collisions, it usually helps the drivers to control the vehicle when it goes behind the vehicle ahead and is accidently driven into the other vehicle. This system is exclusively used in some of the new cars from smallest car, such as the Volkswagen UP! to the prestige luxuries such as the Mercedes Benz S Class.

According to IIHS USA, they have three categories, one is the simple system that only gives the warning about the collision to the driver and the second category provides the warning and then automatically applies the brakes as an effort to tone down the situation but it cannot avoid the impact, whereas the third category warns the driver first and then automatically try to resolve the problem by fully applying the brakes to complete stop of the vehicle before the collision and driver doesn’t need to do anything at all during all this process. Euro NCAP asks for to go for forward collision warning and automatic braking system only to stop the vehicle. It is only to differentiate the system qualities for the buyers that they can make a clear choice that what they are going to buy and how they can avoid the expenses. The standards are also aimed at motivating the automakers to equip all their vehicles with such kind of devices as standard however it is not clear what procedure the NCAP will use to analyse the system at initial stages. Meanwhile the IIHS is testing the system on different speed limits scaled from superior, advanced and basic. They run the tests at 12mph, 25mph to test the effectiveness of the system but some works on only lower speed limits and this system slows down the vehicle by 5mph to avoid the collision. The Euro NCAP will announce the results of their crash avoidance testing in October.