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New Citroen Relay has made great Progress

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New Citroen Relay has made great Progress

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Citroen Relay Used Engines For Sale

Speed transmission configuration is manual and automatic gearbox is not present

The shift from fuel consumption to the electric vehicles has pushed the commercial van makers to introduce this technology to these vehicles as well. The new Citroen Relay has introduced new electrically charged van which can go as far as 169 miles without using fuel.

It is a great leap forward in the use of modern technology to mitigate the negative environmental impact of carbon emission. The Citroen van is popular for its practicality and versatility but its engines with Euro6 compliance are also a good reason to purchase.

It originates from the platform which also produces Fiat Ducato and Peugeot Boxer so the three vans share many commonalities and it becomes hard to find differences among them. Reconditioned Citroen Relay engines are also available in the market and are preferred as an alternative to the redundant van engines.

Citroen Relay supply and fitting service of power units are carried out by experienced staff so that the engines function to the optimum level. Speed transmission configuration is manual and automatic gearbox is not present even in the list of options.

The driver remains busy while running Relay on busy roads. The first vehicle with this badge came in 2006 which followed by an update in 2014 to compete for the rivals. After a couple of years, the vehicle received another update as things progressed very quickly.

Interior of the vehicle has also received similar treatment

Citroen is much concerned about fuel efficiency so the buyers may find it the most economical in long-term running costs. The latest model of the van has new headlights and grille at the front.

Optional LED strip in the headlights makes their functioning even better. Some important areas of the vehicle have also got changes for improved performance and utility. The durability of important parts like doors and brakes has been enhanced in the new version.

Engines in the line-up have been improved in performance and emission. Interior of the vehicle has also received similar treatment and new specs are available in the list of options. Driver assistance specifications include reversing camera, lane departure warning system and satellite navigation.

Automatic wipers and a pressure sensor for tires are also part of the package. Relay 2.0-litre engine offers three different outputs 110hp, 130hp and the recent most powerful 160hp. All three models have only manual speed transmissions and you can avail auto stop and start to enhance fuel average figure.

Payload capacity ranges from over one ton to almost two tons. Load volume goes from eight cubic meters to 17.5 cubic meters to the large panel van has the required flexibility.

The front bumper is built in sections

With an array of advancements, the vehicle is very much in the competition as the rivals have raised the bar higher. The smallest Relay offers the best fuel average but model having 2.0 litre unit of 130hp power variant with auto stop, start system outdoes it.

The front bumper is built in sections and it increases the durability as in case of damage only a small section will need to be replaced. Variety in load carrying capacity gives the van an edge over the other and buyers easily find one suitable option for their needs.

Diesel engines of Relay are splendid performers and the new entry will further enhance this impression. Rear and side door are standard. The rear door open to 260 degrees and the side door makes things further easy for loading and unloading.

The gear lever is placed on the dashboard which makes it easier to use

Stability control, hill start assistance and emergency brakes are present in all models which surely gives a feeling of safety to the persons inside the cabin. Driver’s airbag is also standard which comes into play in case of an accident.

The vehicle has been designed in a manner to make driving easier so the steering is light in weight and forward visibility is good without any major hindrance. The gear lever is placed on the dashboard which makes it easier to use but the functioning of the same is not ideal.

Engines present in the range all have enough power to pull the load but it is always better to have a more powerful unit under the bonnet if you carry a heavy load in routine. Ride quality is also nice.