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New Audi Rs5 DTM has Made its World Premiere in Geneva

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New Audi Rs5 DTM has Made its World Premiere in Geneva

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RS5 DTM will literally win the lion’s share in next German Touring car racing

The DTM was revitalized back in 2000 and rejoined the BMW in 2012, but in those twelve years German Touring car racing was totally captured by only two automakers, Audi and Mercedes-Benz and divide the titles and wins very evenly in those twelve years. Audi won six drivers’ titles in that time and Mercedes won six but the titles won by Benz were considerably more influential as constructors.
But now there is another bull back in the race and the presence of Audi RS5 DTM this time will entirely change the game.

The RS5 DTM is very powerful car and it will literally win the lion’s share in next game and already make it happen in 2012 by winning both titles, though, driver was driving the RS5, making Audi the only challenger that actually stands an ability of putting up a tussle against BMW. It without a doubt expects to broaden that dare in the next season, and really deliver according to the expectations of its makers. Audi RS5 DTM is taking on both its competitors including M4 DTM and C-Class Coupe DTM but it is a revised version of original RS5 DTM.

Bearing a physically powerful similitude to the road going RS5 you can have Audi’s new DTM challenger benefits from a modified aero pack up with more aerodynamic side mirrors, bunged up rear wheel arches and reproduced side projections.
It is exclusively powered by a V8 engine with 456 horsepower and a six speed sequential transmission driving the rear wheels.
Stefan Aicher, Head of Vehicle Design at Audi Sport says, “In addition to the suspension, our main priority was to improve the aero.” As a result, the RS5 DTM now carves up an almost same look to the sporting RS models which are already in production.