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Mitsubishi L200, a mechanical beast knock out its competitors in reliability and power

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Mitsubishi L200, a mechanical beast knock out its competitors in reliability and power

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Mitsubishi L200

With only double cabin form and 4WD, it impresses the adventurous families

Mitsubishi L200 has got a major upgrade with which there is a long list of things that changed in the previous one. The vehicle is a pickup but not the one made to do just hard work as there is family luxury present. It is more oriented towards facilitating the families.

There are the double cabin forms for the new one and no single cabin trim is present. The car is very important for the company as it gives a good number of sales. The launch of the 2019 version has changed a lot inside out and the looks are more bold and funky also.

The silver lining going above and sideways to the front grill gives an appealing look. Come to the inside and the interior has that balance of a proper functioning business car but letting the occupiers feel cosy also. This means it is not just for commercial use, you can use it for personal daily routines.

Mitsubishi L200 engines may not push much power to the system but these are refined and reliable. Same as the company makes there are reconditioned Mitsubishi engines for replacement purposes. Mitsubishi supply and fit service give liberty to the customers for having things done at the same place without any hassle.

An engine that won’t disappoint

The previous engine which powered this pick up was a turbo 2.4-litre diesel engine. The new one offered with the upgrade is a 2.3-litre turbo diesel having 150 hp and 400 Nm torque. The number has been reduced to keep it according to present emission level.

The torque is available from 2000 rpm and there is a good low-end rev present. This proves to be handy when the vehicle is put on difficult surfaces where the engine has to pull harder. There is a six-speed automatic gearbox. The stop/start mechanism is standard also which improves fuel economy.

This one also has 4WD as standard so there will be a good off-road ability present. The pickups now a day are not restricted to load carrying or for people carrying purpose. These can provide a fun ride for a muddy adventure also. And the best part is that the suspension is kept so that it keeps the ride composed so that you can take your family with you also.

Steering wheel makes the moves quick and precise. There is the right feel attached to it which gives the exact feedback needed for the driver, especially on a rough surface.

How the four-wheel-drive helps on the road

There are a very well balanced steering wheel and a suspension that makes this vehicle comfortable for the users. But the 4WD system is unique for this segment. Most of the pickups use the four-wheel-drive on rough surfaces to give more stability and road grip.

But this one uses it to provide control on straight surfaces also. It gives more support to the wheels when on slippery wet roads, especially in the winter season. L200 is fully capable of driving on uneven roads. The weight of this car has increased with the recent update.

But it does feel smaller while driving and this is better in this one than the rivals. There is also the rear-wheel-drive present which can give much better fuel economy. You can any time switch between the two forms. The 4WD system has modes to select according to the surface you are driving.

Cabin characteristic

The one thing which has not changed in its build is the interior. There is the same old look and materials used inside. But one thing which is very important for the class is the practicality and it is very simple to adapt to also.

The seats are basic with only the driver seat getting electrical movements but restricted ones. Still, an amazing thing is that the driver can easily find the comfort zone while driving. It is because these basic seats are shaped to suit a wide variety of body shapes and heights so that there is not much needed to feel at home.

These are covered with half leather and half sued look which is nice to the eyes. The dashboard needs work and improvements to get to the present standards.