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Do not mind traffic lights when in an Audi

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Do not mind traffic lights when in an Audi

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Audi traffic light assist

Why you’ll never be waiting at red lights in an Audi

Audi is working on new technologies in order to refine driving experience and they have introduced a ground breaking traffic lights recognition system that could make sitting at red lights a thing of past. This system has the ability to let drivers to drive through the city without stopping at red lights. This new technology was first unveiled last year at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Audi in-car internet and Audi Connect system works together to initiate the traffic lights recognition system that further connects the car with local traffic light network.

This combination will capture data from the automated traffic light string of the area and process it. After processing the data, it links back to the driver and determines the speed needed to cross the green light coming next on the street. If you are already waiting at a red light then this sophisticated system will work out the time needed for the red light to go green. It is also linked to your car’s computer and access’s the engine start and stop function in order to turn your car engine off and restart again five seconds before the red light goes green.

It also helps you in enjoying more relaxed drive with reduced emissions of CO2 by up to 15 percent. All these characteristics finally help in saving a reasonable amount of fuel in the entire process and Audi estimates a total of 900 million Litres fuel saving in a year, if this system was to be rolled out across Germany. Audi also said that, this system is fully functional and ready to be install in the entire Audi line-up but they still need to get permissions from the government side.