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Metro Electric Taxi Is Economical than the Old Cabs

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Metro Electric Taxi Is Economical than the Old Cabs

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London Electric Metro Cab

Exclusively developed and designed by Frazer-Nash and Ecotive; this week the all new eco London taxi will be trailed and tested in the London city.

Stipulations for the Range Extended Electric Metro-cab which is designed and engineered in Britain have been given way to the London streets. It is fully amenable with the regulations of London PCO (Public Carriage Office). It is a powerful cab which is powered by two electric motors of 67bhp along with 1.0 Litre petrol engine. it has adopted an advanced charging system which is supported by generators to charge the batteries while on the move however an external charging plug id also provided charge the batteries from a standard household socket. It is claimed to be over 347 miles on an average cycle. Current cabs working in London are three times less efficient than this new eco electric cab which is capable of returning more than 75mpg and saving more than £40 every day. It is an electric vehicle but due to the supportive 1.0 Litre petrol engine it has a diminutive amount of CO2 emissions at 50g/km still 75% lesser than the oldies. It has a remarkably wide and spacey interior to facilitate seven passengers at single time and provided USB charging socket for every passenger, panoramic glass roof and TV display for further entertainment and passenger convenience. It is also equipped with a multifunction touch screen display and very advanced infotainment system for further refinement. All these gadgets and hand free phone, air conditioning and air suspension is offered on every standard trim.  It has covered more than 600,000 test miles in last ten years of development and all these new born cabbies will be tested on the London streets this week with online registration but the price tags are not yet been set for these babies but rumours show that there will be no premium pricing over the black cabs and it will likely to be priced around £33,000 initially.