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Mercedes Benz S63 AMG Revealed

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Mercedes Benz S63 AMG Revealed

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Mercedes Benz AMG S63 2014

Mercedes Benz S63 AMG Revealed as a luxury saloon

The all new Mercedes S63 AMG is structured on the design from the standard S-class, the new model S63 AMG has been officially announced, the performance modifications of the gigantic Mercedes-Benz saloon are supported by a supplementary array of mass economical measures together with the receiving of a 78Ah lithium-ion battery and an extra wheel bay finished and manufactured of carbon fibre. The all new model Mercedes S63 AMG has a gigantic Power source of a twin-turbocharged 5.5-litre V8 engine with immense power that develops an additional 14bhp more than the old S63 AMG at 577bhp; it provides the new package a greater power to weight ratio of 290bhp / tonne. This Mercedes engine has a 663lb ft of torque at 2250 to 3750 rpm.

The direct-injection fuel engine complies with strict Euro 6 standards, the fuel consumption of this great S-Class model is 28mpg combined and average CO2 emissions are 237g/km, for the UK customers, the long wheel base model with the rear wheel drive has been announced. It has three driving modes and a seven speed MCT multi clutch transmission; Guarded Effectiveness, Spectator Sport and Manual, the earlier of which uses features like automatic stop/start utility for efficient fuel economy.

According to the Mercedes-Benz’s official performance figures for the fresh rear wheel drive S63 AMG, the engine propels the package on the road from 0-62mph in just 4.4 seconds, however, top speed stays restricted at 155 mph in standard appearance and 186mph in blend with an elective driver’s package. The fresh new S63 AMG is equipped with a reorganized edition of the standard S500’s air suspension inclusive with Mercedes-Benz’s ground-breaking new thrilling Body Control system. It utilises a camera fitted inside the windscreen to inspect the road and modify the configuration of the air springs, according to the situations for utmost stages of relieve, comfort, smoothness or sportiness, purely depending on the chosen approach.