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Mercedes Benz CLA Unveiled At 2013 Detroit Motor Show

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Mercedes Benz CLA Unveiled At 2013 Detroit Motor Show

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Mercedes Benz has unveiled all new Mercedes Benz CLA – an entry level coupe in four door body style and it will be launched in May. Before it showed up in Detroit Motor Show 2013, it was revealed to the media in a closed door reception, having said that it is a bit different than what was shown earlier. The projected price of this new CLA sits in between £25,000 to £30,000. There is news that this week’s Berlin Fashion Week will be the avenue for the very first public jaunt of Mercedes Benz CLA. “To get in touch with a whole new slot of drivers who never ever thought of driving a Mercedes Benz before, this new Mercedes Benz CLA will provide the means necessary to do that.” Said Mr. Joachim Schmidt, who is the sales and marketing boss.

This big package used engine for Mercedes Benz CLA in 2.0-litre turbocharged displacement. The Mercedes Benz CLA engine for sale is a four cylinder engine churning out 349bhp. Instead of using conventional longitudinally mounted engines for Mercedes Benz CLA, this new coupe is using a transverse engine for Mercedes Benz CLA. With a drag coefficient of 0.22 it claims to be offering the lowest Cd in series production saloons. Mercedes Benz is planning to launch Sport and AMG Sport trim levels in the UK.