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Mazda 6 Recall

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Mazda 6 Recall

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Mazda 6

The new Mazda 6 was launched last year and it is suffering from its first major recall now. If a

serious incident had happened that would have seriously jeopardized Mazda’s reputation. The new 6 had a built in fire risk that stamped from the electric system. The car’s electricity converter is prone to overheating and could, in some conditions, ignite the car. Fortunately, no such incident has been reported, though a mandatory global recall was issued.

Mazda will be bringing some 15,000 models back to their dealers where the faulty components will be replaced free of charge. The faulty DC/DC converter is located under the driver’s side seat in LHD cars and passenger seat in RHD cars. It reduces the Voltage of the current coming from the generator from 25V to the 12V used by appliances.