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Mazda 6 a treat for your senses

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Mazda 6 a treat for your senses

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Mazda 6 used Engines

A nice combination of handsome looks, technique and performance

Mazda 6 has it all what you want in a family car. It has an exterior which makes you feel pleased when people praise it. Even your own eyes cannot deny appreciating the fine details added with cuts and lines to make it different. It is indeed a delight to your eyes.

The front has a stylish grille and the back has a silver touch running through the boot gate. At the sides and front, the small and long lines give a refreshing feel to the eyes and mind. Moving to the interior you get a good environment inside but lacking that touch of luxury just by a little miss.

But it can still easily fall into an executive car class with everything neatly placed. Simplicity has been adopted basically to do things inside but mostly this trait is not appreciated much now a day. There are also six trims to choose from. This means that there can be one for you.

The higher trims are set to be pricey due to improvements of materials used inside. The engine side is strong, especially the diesel side is taken to be more refined and punchy. Mazda six engines are available in the market in case replacement is in order. Your work is more simplified with two in one service at the same spot with Mazda engines supplied and fitted from the same dealer.

A good number of engines on offer

The buyer has the choice of choosing from a good list of engines on offer. The petrol range has 2.5-litre Mazda 6 engine capacity with the most powerful being 194 hp and the least one with 145 hp.

There is a good economy rate attached despite them being petrol engines. There is a six-speed automatic transmission in the higher one while the lower one has it as optional. There are no turbo-chargers present in this form. For the diesel engines, they have a horsepower of 150 hp and 184 hp.

With all these engines there is a greater amount of torque even more than the powers they produce. This makes the engine work less and the workforce is distributed. In the diesel form also the automatic transmission is optional.

This means the most powerful version of petrol offers more fuel economy even in its standard form and others have to be fitted to achieve the level. Not only are these three other features that help the engine to eat up less fuel.

How much can the car deliver?

For the practicality, there are enough traits to enjoy in this beautiful car. This is a long car and one that has enormous legroom. There is a huge boot space ready to accommodate your family luggage for a long weekend.

The comfort level is good for the driver as well as the passengers. The seats are equally comfortable for all the occupiers. This is an easy saloon to drive with lots of driver assistant features to help out.

The length of the car, however, gives a hard time to park in limited spaces. But there is a negative point in the styling. The headroom is affected in the back due to the sloppy style at the back.

This not only makes getting in and getting out difficult, but it also loading the luggage in the boot problematic. But still, there is a lot of provision for up to 6 feet tall people which is acceptable. There are front and back reversing cameras as standard but the camera quality is not that good.

This is a safe vehicle

The vehicle is rated as safe with a lot of features that make it that way. These features are practical as well as interesting. Such as the active bonnet which pops up when there is a pedestrian collision to decrease the impact.

Automatic braking, blind-spot monitoring having a rear cross-traffic alert and there is a lane keep assist. There is the Intelligent Speed Assist also present in the GT Sport+ Nav trim.

Adaptive cruise control with automatic lights and wipers are also present. Accept the specific one there are all the others present in every trim from the base till higher which good work is done.