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Mazda 2 Reviewed

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Mazda 2 Reviewed

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Mazda 2 Review

Mazda 2 is an Affordable Car

It is a very different built car in the Mazda city cars line-up and has very successful manufacturing formula to satisfy its

fans. It shares values with Ford fiesta and has been built on the same platform with three and five doors combination. It is very economical and great value supermini with stylish and dynamic tweaks to make an impact on eager drivers. Mazda 2 engine line-up is very impressive with class leading fuel economy, it has a small boot and supportive seats for utmost comfort and safety. It is the smallest vehicle in the Mazda line-up and holds the ‘zoom-zoom mantra’ of the company. This most modern Mazda2 is fully loaded and all set to stride into the future. Engine line up also consists of three options, where two 1.3-litre engines of 74bhp and 83bhp and a 1.5 litre motor of 101bhp. There’s in addition a 1.6-litre diesel engine supporting the line with 94bhp of power and it is the most powerful engine, but moreover the most steep. The 100 hp engine gives the most fun that you can’t expect from a tiny engine. it is not that much tiny even, it is a 1.5 litre four cylinder engine that has double overhead cam and uses a lean power to weight ratio to return a massive economy of 30 mpg in city areas and 35 on motorway. Class leading option is the 1.3 litre tiny engine for utmost fuel economy and performance. The handling is quick, but the journey could be even smoother. Its tiny wheels and certain suspension twirl every speed bump very soft handily. It has a sporty look from behind but driving position is very steep and spot-on with comfortable seating. On the road, Mazda2 is excellently self-possessed, with balanced steering and outstanding levels of clench while it feels swift at pace, it also directs to linger a pleasure to ride in town. Mazda2 has great outright carrying ability but sadly, it is a bit short from Ford Fiesta.