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Latest on Frankfurt Motor Show

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Latest on Frankfurt Motor Show

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Top Cars and Concepts Of FrankfurtMotor Show 2013

The Frankfurt Motor Show 2013 is continuously entertaining the auto fans by showcasing some incredible concept cars and practically production geared up models that will be coming to a showroom in the vicinity of your neighbourhood very shortly. We are rounding up the show on daily bases with the news and the new stories happening at Frankfurt Motor Show.

1-  Chevrolet Camaro

 Chevrolet has exclusively introduced the Camaro Coupe and Convertible at the Frankfurt Motor Show and makes its first entry in the European auto market with the unveiling of Camaro 2014. The prices are expected to be from £35,320 as for the Coupe and the Convertible will be available from £40,320, the sales are expected to start at the end of the this year in the UK. Both trims of the Camaro, the coupe and the convertible are powered by the V8 6.2 litres engine and power output of 426bhp.

2-  Citroen C4 Cactus Concept

Citroen is also doing well at Frankfurt Motor Show and they have introduced two models exclusively. The first model introduced was the Cactus concept that is based on the Citroens new philosophy of Back to Basics, and it shows off very well in its design. This philosophy is for the Citroen’s non DS models. This cactus concept will lead the C4 group and will be named as Citroen C4 Cactus. The second model made its public debut was the Citroen C4 Grand Picasso.

3-  Infiniti Q30 Concept

Sebastian Vettel has been serving the firm by assisting with the expansion and development of the Q30 concept. The Audi A3 and the BMW 1 Series rival is the former car that is three time Formula One world champion, has been implicated in from the very start, after serving at the concluding junctures of development of the Infiniti Q50. Manufacturing won’t switch on for the Q30 until 2015 and is planned for come to pass at Nissan’s assembly plant in Sunderland.

4-  Mazda 3

The all new Mazda 3 has been just launched and it has made its first open unveiling at Frankfurt Motor Show. The Mazda has revealed its specifications and the Japanese firm have confirmed that the prices will start from £16,695 in UK.

5-  Renault Initiale Paris Concept

The Renault Initiale Paris concept images surfaced online just before it was unveiled at Frankfurt Motor Show. The all new Initiale Paris shows the next generation escape with elegant looks and luxury interior, it is scheduled to be launched by next year. It will swap the boxy MPV stance into an elegant crossover design with a concept car roof design.

6-  Smart Fourjoy All Electrical Concept

Smart is definitely smart, it has introduced a new Smart Fourjoy concept car that is an elegant all electric car with the four seat configurations that previews the next generation of four and exclusively explains that how it will look. The scheduled arrival of the Fourjoy is by the end of 2014.

7-  Suzuki iV-4

Suzuki has launched its Nissan Juke rival. The Suzuki iV-4 compacted crossover impression takes encouragement and inspiration from the Jiminy and Grand Vitara SUV and it is expected to be available in two and four-wheel-drive configurations.