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Jaguar F-type Coupe About to Be Launched

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Jaguar F-type Coupe About to Be Launched

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Jaguar F-type Coupe is ready to rise at LA Motor Show 2013

Jaguar F-type coupe is in production and ready to be showcased at Los Angeles Motor Show 2013, Jaguar has given its first look which shows its class and proves its excellence but you might notice something different in the picture is that Jaguar F-type has a roof which is a cheer up node for the Jaguar enthusiasts. The director of Jaguar designing department says that they are very excited because of the positive reviews on the limited first look of the F-type, he further added that they have made an effort to built a pure and innovative coupe with the purity of creating a sports car and it was an incredibly satisfying experience and F-type coupe is in process that it will raise the bar yet again, he is hopeful.

It is still a hidden truth that Jaguar F-type coupe will be as inspiring at Los Angeles Motor Show as it looks in the top elevation of the picture on the 19th November 2013,. The power squad for the Jaguar F-type coupe consists of three power units with different horse power generation capabilities, 3.0 litres V6 engine with supercharger support producing 335 bhp is ready to lead the Jaguar whereas a similar 3.0 litre V6 supercharged engine will be bolted in the Jaguar F-type S which is capable of producing 375bhp of power. The leader of the power squad is F-type V8S engine with 5.0 litres V8 which is also supercharged. It is capable of producing the hammer hit of 488 bhp of power.  C-X16 Concept is featured with the Hybrid powertrain which is capable of producing 475 bhp and is combined with the V6 supercharged Jaguar engine however it is supported by an electric motor driven by the battery which is mounted ahead of the back axles of the vehicle. The coupe is second signal in the Jaguar’s proffer to out-911 Porsche. It’ll also ultimately be treated to four-wheel drive, by means of the alike driveline which will be bolted on Jaguar’s forthcoming ‘baby saloon’ as BMW 3-Series competitor.