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Ideal Engines & Gearboxes Exposes Negative Reviews

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Ideal Engines & Gearboxes Exposes Negative Reviews

People talk much about Ideal Engines especially when they have something negative to share. We don’t claim to be perfect and our customers do have complaints but internet filled with hate against Ideal Engines trigger an alarm for us and we decided to do some investigations. We do accept our mistakes and weaknesses but we can’t allow anybody to ruin company’s reputation with fake reviews and make Ideal Engines looks like a total fraud which is an absolute lie.

Let’s investigate some reviews and check their authenticity and try to understand if they look genuine or a try to demonize Ideal Engines. Let’s start from Google Reviews…

Here is the link to our Google+ listing and reviews posted by others.


Most recent review posted by Mr. Anthony Landsborough

There is no doubt it could have happened to him but when we went through our eBay store we find that there are total 4 negative comments in last 12 months and none of the those buyers purchased L200 Mitsubishi. If you check his profile, we see he shared some posts from maelorautoservices.co.uk same day and disappeared. Fishy profile from a person sharing our competitor’s website and posting a fake review, don’t you feel something is wrong here? His profile link…


Another review found on our profile sent by Mr. Naveed Khalid just a week before Mr. Anthony.

Again, profile created for the sole purpose of reviewing Ideal Engines, person hasn’t shared any details about him, never reviewed anything else. It seems that he had a problem with Ideal Engines only in his entire life or at least recently. Tone and Style is very similar to Mr. Anthony Landsborough.



Mr. John Myers reviewed Ideal Engines some six months ago in the same way as Naveed Khalid and Anthony Londsborough did. They never reviewed anyone else, created profile for reviewing our company and they all disappeared after that.

But here we have another twist…Mr. John Myers narrated a story of Spain in his review which we already have from someone else 1 year ago.


Now read a review by Mr. John Myers once again (6 months ago) and a review from “A Google User” (1 Year ago)



Did you notice the first sentence in the first review and last sentence in the second review?

“Avoid these Clowns like the plague” and “avoid these people like the Plague.” He may have forgotten again that he already called us Plague 6 months ago just like his “Spain Story”.

Here comes another Spanish review telling us the same story of “Mazda MX5 and Spain”.


This is just a one platform where we had been negatively reviewed in last few years. You can imagine that there is a planned campaign to malign Ideal Engines and ruin its reputation.

Do you remember Mr. Anthony Landsborouhg we mentioned above? He generously reviewed us at another platform complaining the same issue…

He is the same guy from maelorautoservices.co.uk with the same fake story of eBay. Interestingly, there was another negative review same day and those both reviews have one vote as “useful”.

I would kindly request you to read a review by Mr. Naveed Khalid…Please notice the sentence in “Red”

Now have a look at another reviewer Bagger1974 reviewed us on Yell.com

Did you find something fishy?

Please note that all of the platforms above are open places and anyone can review any company without actually purchasing anything from them.

Look at some reviews from another platform where they don’t even bother to write a proper comment and just want to decrease our overall ratings.

 Now look at our eBay store rating where no one can rate anything unless they actually pay.


We got total 538 seller ratings from actual buyers with 97.5% positive. Below is our store link…


We don’t know why 538 people would positively rate a scam/fraud company? There may be no reason to believe in eBay ratings but there is no reason to believe in negative reviews as well while they are proven fake here.

We would request all of you to please give us a try once and share your genuine reviews here so we can combat these blatant liars who couldn’t beat Ideal Engines because of our economical rates and excellent service and started using cheap tactics. It’s a common practice by consumers not to review any company online if they deal with them offline and feel satisfied. However, we did manage to collect hundreds of reviews from our happy customers posted on our own website at the given link.


These are 100% genuine reviews signed by customers with their Reg. no and original scanned review document.