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Honda FCEV Concept

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Honda FCEV Concept

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Honda FCEV Concept

Honda FCEV Concept is ready to be Unveiled in Los Angeles Auto Show

Fuel cell electric vehicle concept has been developed by the Japanese auto maker Honda; and in the Los Angeles Auto Show, which  is starting at the end of November to the 1st of December in Los Angeles USA, it will be the FCEV Concept that will lead to potential styling directions when it comes into production in 2014. It will be a high tech vehicle, planned to be offered for sale in 2015. Honda has great vision for personal mobility and this innovation is a very good example of this. Honda have provided assurance to developing advanced alternative fuel vehicles for the future and they further added that they are in efforts to build fuel alternative cells for Honda’s next generation vehicles in 2015. Referring to their long term research and experience in fuel cell technologies Honda is hopeful that  it will be really helpful to cover the future of zero emissions. Honda has done a broad research on alternative fuel technologies and they are simply leaders in this area with eight different contributions in the market now.



Honda has just unveiled the sketch of a new model but it is enough to imagine the idea. It should be alike to Audi R8 or Peugeot Onyx, however, it has a nose of Volkswagen XL1. While only a tiny part of that “potential styling direction” can be perceived in the sketch, it’s obvious to imagine that the concept will catch at least some features from Honda’s imminent hybrid NSX supercar, with an alike low nose and lustrous shape. There’s also a clue of Honda’s initial creation of hybrid car in the design with stern wheel covering quarrel symptomatic of the concept will be the most important aerodynamic efficiency. It’s an antagonistic outline while, it seems that featuring a spiky crumple to the front fenders and front spoiler is just to kiss the ground. There is a cut in the lower pillar that shows that there is a chance of a floating roof in the new model. The Honda’s next-generation FCEV fuel cell car will come out on Japanese and U.S roads in 2015, The Japanese automaker is acting as a team on its fuel cell technology in collaboration with General Motors.